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Back in 2006 Kevin’s side of the family had a reunion and one brother suggested we all write an I AM FROM poem. There was a specific pattern to it that we filled in with our lives and experiences and dreams and loves. I thought sharing my I AM FROM poem would be a nice bit of myself for you. Some of you may see yourself in here (my siblings, dear friends from what seems like ages past and my loving husband and children)…know that your part in forming my life is GREATLY cherished!

I am from various places

I am from New England, from coffee milk and Del’s. I am from sharing a bed with 2 sisters and midnight trysts under the porch to finding myself tucked safely in bed the next morning. I am from popping the hostas, from asphalt and cement, from string telephones and party lines.

I am from being awakened from sleep to watch thunderstorms on the porch while eating popcorn, and trips to the relatives for vacations, from Meme, Saturday night French and Canasta nights and missing her badly, and from having my freckles counted. I am from poodle perms and believing I was adopted, and from feeling like I never quite fit in.

I am from college and Fred, from a blessed new life and seeing the value –finding joy – in the old, and healings and baldness, from re-creation and West Virginia and finding the core of who I could be. I am from blue grass music and dulcimers, from Spirit Sisters and crazy landlords axing down their front doors! I am from seeing the southwest with eyes of despair without green or flowers yet praising God for every blessing and trusting Him for food and jobs. I am from countless cars and daily miracles and learning to give glory to God while doing my dishes.

I am from Sharron and Evie, from Dianne, Denise and Joyce. I am from Chelle and Michelle, Andrea, Tamara and Lisa. I am from soul mates and hard friendships I didn’t want but learned to find God’s joy in the middle of. I am from poverty without knowing I was poor. From struggling and sorrowing over weight and the feelings of inadequacy it brings, yet knowing I am loved and accepted in His sight.

I am from being “Kate of my life” and abundant blessings of years with no light bulbs yet children aplenty, from teeny rooms and frozen tundra and delivered milk. I am from internet friends and seeing the seasons of my life as wonderful phases to be savored and treasured rather than as obstacles to what I REALLY might want to do. I am from New Year’s poems that flood my heart with love and being desired, from learning to trust God for joy in times of darkness and loneliness. I am from schooling and learning, from teaching and growing, from discipling and giving when I sometimes felt I had nothing left to give, only to discover the freedom that it was all God.

I am from North Dakota winters and New Mexico summers, from New England mountains, the haunting sound of the sea and the prairie winds. I am from the joy of wanting each precious child and from the loss and longing as this season is passing. I am from the joy of looking to the new seasons coming, from the hope of someday being mature and wise, and from knowing that it all is from Him and for Him and that eternity awaits with a thousand years of sleep (which is really only a day to Him). I am from missing my mom & dad and old dear friends, from all the things I’ve learned through every trial and joy and knowing that the day will come when it will all be over and will have been worth it all.


Here is a link to a template for an I AM FROM poem. You might enjoy taking some time and writing one up yourself. If you do, PLEASE SHARE IT HERE! I would be very very interested in reading them!

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