My first born turns 25 today!

wishing very hard

25 years ago I remember walking the halls in the hospital wondering if I really could handle birthing this baby.

I remember not having a boy’s name and fretting about it.

I remember the hours of trying to complete her delivery.

I remember her precious face, her eyes gazing into mine, her plump and healthy body snuggled against mine.

I remember fear as the doctor told me many of her standard tests came back showing problems.

I remember praying and thanking God for the hours He gave her into my arms and the 9 months of loving and protecting her and emotionally giving her back to Him – the hardest thing I have ever done.

I remember her being transported to the neo-natal unit in another hospital with Kevin following while I discharged myself in my nightgown and waited for him to come and get me.

I remember the gear shift coming off in his hands and he and a security guard having to push our car aside at the ER door.

I remember our pastor sending over his car for us to borrow for the week-end.

I remember going to the hospital and seeing this pudgy beauty in an incubator with dozens of poke holes on her little heels and tubes and wires attached to her while all the other babies around her were 1/2 her size and pale to her ruddy complexion.

I remember leaving the hospital at midnight to find a flat tire and Kevin and I LAUGHING UPROARIOUSLY at how ridiculous the whole situation was!

I remember my mechanically-challenged husband trying to fix a tire on a car we didn’t know with no light in the trunk and a wife in her pjs and bathrobe and a man showing up OUT OF THE BLUE who said, “Here, can I do that for you?” And in 5 minutes the tire was changed and he was gone. (I’m convinced I’ll see him in heaven as an angel God sent to minister to our hearts!)

I remember going home empty-handed and weeping and spending the next several days living in the hospital from 6 am to midnight and nursing my little baby girl.

I remember all the final tests coming back normal and we walked out and took our precious little one home and right to church!

Thus began a sweet and wonderful adventure of my darling girl and her forever changing our family for the good!

I love you Hannah, and I will always remember that day with love and joyful tears!

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  1. Thank you for sharing this sweet story. Love how you give God the glory for providing. Thankful for you bringing Hannah home healthy.

    • Thanks Bonnie…all I can say is GOD IS GOOD!!

  2. What a great testimony- and what a great joy for you to be celebrating your little girl’s 25th birthday (after all, they are always our ‘little’ girls even when they become our young women) 🙂

  3. So sweet, and the picture is priceless. I hope she had a chance to read this and appreciate the love she came from! Hugs.


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