More hallway stuff – and asking for help!

OK, if you’ve been reading my hallway saga, you know that the stencil I got from The Simple Stencil is the anchor of our hallway decorating project. Here are some pictures of that so far (a re-cap):

from The Simple Stencil

stencil from The Simple Stencil

These are all pictures my daughter took for a Christmas calendar for Grandma and we put up here. We’ve never been big photographers, although I love seeing family pictures in other’s homes. SO, we decided to make this a bigger project. (They really don’t look as crooked as this picture looks, although our walls ARE.)

The second part I want to show you is the part with the Grandparents and Great-grandparents (from the children’s point of view). I have no photo of my mother’s father and am trying to obtain photos of Kevin’s grandparents.  But for now, this is what we’ve got:

The Grandparents

Some of the Greats (my side)

So, here’s the query. I decided I want to do ANOTHER stencil (they are so cool, I think). If you haven’t visited this site (The Simple Stencil), you really should. The thing I love about it (and will be taking advantage of) is that you can CREATE your own stencil. And that is exactly what I want to do! And where I need your help and input.

I was looking at this wall and thinking, “from generation to generation”. Well, I’d like a scripture verse to go over the top of the whole wall, over the Grands and across the doorway and over the Greats. I was thinking about these:

  • Deut 7:9 (but it’s kinda long)
  • Ps 33:11
  • Ps 102:18
  • Ps 112:2
  • Ps 145:4
  • Is 60:15 b
  • Lam 5:19
  • Dan 4:3
  • Joel 1:3
  • Luke 1:50

So, share  your vote! Either with a comment here or on Facebook. Again, since I’m designing one, I can have it look how I want.  I’m really getting psyched about this! If you have ideas for embellishments for the stencil that will add (not just busy it up) to the beauty, share that as well. You all know that I’m Decoratively Challenged, so I need HELP!


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  1. I vote for either Ps. 102 or Ps. 145. I love what you’re doing, Kate! It’s lovely!

    • Thanks Carrie! I’ll be keeping a tally of who votes for what. It’s so hard for me because I love all the verses…but those two are some of my favorite ones. I’ll be excited to show what it looks like when we are finished!

  2. I might put
    His mercy… (between the top two pictures)
    Generation to generation… (centered under the top two pictures)

  3. That’s a cool idea, Laurie!

  4. I say either Psalm 33 or Lam

    • OK, I’m keeping track of all these votes! 😉

  5. hey honey…it’s so hard to choose between them. all of them were so good 🙂
    but here’s my vote:
    Ps 102:18
    or Luke 1:50

    🙂 love it!

  6. Yes, I love the Luke one also…but that’s my problem…I LOVE THEM ALL! 😉 Thanks, sweetie.


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