Missions Trip time

Our church is very blessed to have a wonderful godly man as our youth pastor. He has always offered the opportunity for missions trips for the youth.

missions trip - reaching the world

Jerusalem and all Judea and the remotest part of the world.

The past several years he has offered up to 2 weeks of ministering in Honduras, where construction work has been done on homes (we’ve built several), a church and school (repairs have been done). Over the years 2 of my children have gone and it has been a great time of training for them in hard work and growing in godly character in difficult circumstances. This is not the Honduras for tourists, but rugged village life up muddy mountains with up to triple digit heat and torrential rains.

He has also taken the youth to Oklahoma City for the past several years to minister to inner city children. I have 2 boys there this week. One is being trained to teach and the other is working with the worship team as they lead VBS for the children.

Later in July he offers a local opportunity for those who are unable to travel. It is called Go Loco. The teens help with the VBS in our church during the morning and then they serve groups within our own community and finally have worship and teachings in the evening.

This week as my boys are away, I am praying for a spiritual revival in their hearts, a passion for the lost and a heart to serve others while they are challenged and taught. I would love your prayers as well.

How have you helped spur your children on to love and good deeds?

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  1. What a blessing to have a youth leader with a heart for missions, both far and near! I’m sure your children will love it. Our oldest went to Korea for a missions trip and he loved it!

    When our children were younger we would take them to help out at church work parties, or over to their grandparent’s house to help over there, or to a friend’s house to help move. We were always volunteering them to help until they were old enough to volunteer themselves (and sometimes even then, hahaha). We wanted them to learn a servant’s heart. Thanks for hosting today!

    • Oh I’m so far behind on responding to comments… so sorry!

      Wow, Korea! How exciting! It is so great that you were so proactive in helping build that servant’s heart in your children!!! Great example, thanks for sharing it.


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