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Well, there are fewer things that can run you to ground faster than a GARGANTUAN version of the common cold!

I have spent most of the past 11 days COMPLETELY under the weather (and often under the covers) with the worst cold I’ve had in my recollection (which, those of you who know me best doesn’t say a whole lot)! I have been so physically creamed that even normal daily Mom functions have fallen to the wayside (as in cereal has become the staple of every meal of our days).

Well, these past 2 days have found me feeling MUCH better (albeit, still coughing) so I’m hoping to find and then return to a normal routine for family time, housework, cooking, schooling AND blogging!

Today is our Thanksgiving (I helped a bit at our church’s Thanksgiving outreach yesterday with my daughter and son and I was too wiped to cook at home) and also the day we go to cut down our Christmas tree. We may or may not decorate that tonight – depends on if I’m feeling perky or not! Saturday night the New Life Drama Team will be joining us for 5 days while ministering here in our town. We are all very excited (even if it isn’t our darling Bethany who is on that team).

Thanks for your patience on my next episode of How I Met Your Father. It should be posted before Monday.

In the meantime: Happy Thanksgiving and may the blessings of our wondrous and mighty Lord and God be yours in abundance!

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  1. Glad you are feeling better!

    • Too bad I wasn’t going to The City for a shopping trip this holiday season!! I would LOVE to have a Hang Time with my oldest (well, that one never comes out right) and one of my very dearest friends!! Happy Thanksgiving to you, dear!


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