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This past week was quite a week with my new book launch.

And, according to the marketing experts, I did everything WRONG. I had no Launch Team, I did no Blog Tour, I sponsored no giveaways (none of which I’m opposed to). I did all of this with my first book, Cut It Out! How I Feed My Family of 10 for $500 a Month Without Coupons, and it was quite successful. But for Silver Threads: Weaving Godly Wisdom Into the Lives of Younger Women, I just didn’t sense this was the way the Lord wanted me to go. So I’m just doing Facebook mentions, Google+ mentions, and I sent out a eblast to my readers with a 1 day sale opportunity. And I’m resting in word-of-mouth and the Lord to get the word out. The marketing world will say I’m foolish, but I’m following where the Lord is leading and letting it rest with Him.

Now comes The Great Planning.

Every year, every August, homeschooling moms the world over are gearing up for action of a new fall semester. I sat down and planned out our classes for the first month of school. I have one 8th grader, one 10th grader and one 12th grader. You’d think that after graduating 5 children I wouldn’t stress out over my high schoolers, but I still do. My senior will be taking some courses at the community college while finishing out some here at home. But I always feel the emotional pressure that I have failed him. Even if he gets A’s in his college classes (as he did this past semester), I still feel that I could have/should have done more. As it is a bit late now, I will just commit to resting in God’s sovereignty and grace!

The Great Planning goes beyond school.

This is the first summer in years that we didn’t do much school. With missions trips and working schedules, school just got lost in the shuffle. Now I am quite excited about getting back on a solid schedule for home, health and homeschooling! I’ve been able to prepare and freeze corn (enough for about 20 meals), freeze about 20 pounds of ground chuck that I got on a great sale and am planning on ordering from Zaycon Foods chicken event to get about 120 pounds of chicken breasts (their chicken is absolutely MARVELOUS). This will give me the very basics in my freezer to help with groceries in the more expensive winter months.

I have some money set aside to make a Stock Up trip to Aldis and get my Cansolidator filled with the basic canned goods I’ll be needing to keep my pantry well stocked and ready this winter.

I’m also planning on jumping back onto the health bandwagon. I need to return to daily exercising and back to my no sugar eating program. This summer has been a lazy one for me in this regard, but it’s time to pull in the reigns and jump back on my Simplified Life goals!

With all that planning, here is my Menu Plan for the week. And please feel free to download my FREE Month at a Glance menu planner, my Weekly Menu Planner and my new Snacks planner. All are fully editable on your computer!

Aug 11 menu planning monday

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