Memories of Vera


I remember:

  • you taking home GI Joe chests from when you worked
  • Ma Tante watching us until you got home from work
  • you made great chocolate chip cookies and pies
  • all the cigarettes
  • your tenderness when I was sick
  • you crying when we went to your mom’s grave on Mother’s Day because you couldn’t find exactly where she was buried because you couldn’t afford a headstone for her
  • you and Michele cuddling in your bed after Dad went to work
  • you always trying to help us understand why Dad was so grumpy all the time but we were too young to see how his constant pain affected his life
  • all the Elvis Presley movies and the Saturday Creature Double Features we watched with you
  • you knew all the *dirt* on the old celebrities
  • Manoosh (have NO idea how to spell that)
  • you taking 15 minutes before you could remember how to pronounce your mother’s maiden name from your birth certificate
  • ganglion cysts, various surgeries
  • telling you Emeraude perfume smelled like you were wearing PlayDoh
  • you cried when I went to college
  • Dad making fun of you when you cried at all those movies
  • you laughing HOURS after a joke that you just got

There’s so many things I remember, but mostly I remember how much I love you and how dearly I miss you. If you were here I’d wish you Happy Mother’s Day, Mom!


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  1. What a touching post – and a lovely image


    • Thank you, Frances! And thanks for coming by.

  2. Goregous picture and beautiful words!

    • Thanks, Tia. And thanks for the visit!