My youngest child, Seth, is turning 14 today. He is quirky and goofy, a little bit of a perfectionist, a little bit melancholy and has been a major source of delight for our whole family these past years.

Some of my favorite Seth-isms:

Seth – 8 months

Seth: I forgive you for all the mean things I’ve done to you.

playground fun

So today Mom was playing with him and asked, “Who are you?”
He responded, “I am Seth M—–. Your son.”
Mom: “Yeah? Prove it!”
He looks at her with disdain and says, “Where do you think proof comes from? Everywhere? Well, it doesn’t!”

Seth – age 5

Seth was yelling “NO!” at Nathan, and we told him to stop, and he says, “I was just quoting from Hairspray!” We asked him what part of Hairspray that was in, and he said, “I won’t tell you.” Mom said, “Then I don’t know if I can believe you.” He very solemnly responds with, “To believe… or not to believe. That is the question.”

Seth – age 9

Me: You’re awesome. Did you know that?
Seth: Yes. But it doesn’t mean I can float.

Seth age 11

Joel: One time Mom had no sugar for a long time, and then she had a candy bar, and she had two bites and then she threw up!

Seth: Yeah. The candy bar made her sick because she had SO MUCH sugar in her body!
Mom: No, Seth, it’s the other way around.
Seth: It was because she had ABSOLUTELY NO sugar in her body!
Mom: Um, no, I had some sugar in my body.
Seth: Well, it DID make her throw up.


Seth age 14

Seth age 14

Seth: We’ve been watching a lot of Canadian stuff lately. Anne of Green Gables, Continuum, Canadians: The Movie, Canadian Mornings, Canadian Diner for Regular Life, Canadian Sunshine, Canadian Sunshine 2: The Birth of the Full Moon, Canadian Birds with the Beak of an Ostrich…

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