Master List of Lunches


master lists of lunches

I seem to have a hard time coming up with lunches that are nutritious, inexpensive and fun.  So we have the same list of 15 meals that we eat over and over again.  I would love to be able to add to this list and expand it to around 25-30 meals!!  Here goes:

  • grilled cheese
  • pizza rolls
  • calzones
  • frozen pizza
  • muffins & rice
  • popcorn/fruit/cheese
  • quesidillas
  • mac & cheese
  • english muffin pizzas
  • corndogs
  • ramen
  • egg salad sandwiches
  • tuna sandwiches
  • turkey/chicken salad sandwiches
  • lunch meat sandwiches
  • cornbread and rice
  • peanutbutter sandwiches
  • fish sticks

THM lunches

Here is a list of THM approved lunches to help menu prep go faster. Some are basic food with no special ingredients required. Some use specific ingredients and are in the cookbook or can be found online.

Quick and easy:

  • tuna with 1 tsp mayo & diced celery on sprouted bread (E) or low carb tortilla (FP) and raw veggies
  • boiled eggs and raw veggies (S)
  • broiled fish and broccoli (FP)
  • pizza on Joseph’s pita bread (S)
  • 000 yogurt and berries (FP) or apple or peaches (E)


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  1. how about hungarian goulash? Lots of noodles, tomato sauce,and hamburger? Or chipped beef on toast? Chipped beef in a white sauce on toast? Apple puff? Quarter apple wrapped in pie dough filled with some nuts, brown sugar, cinnamon. Home made chicken and rice soup? Noodles /alfrado sauce with chicken chunks?

    • I have no idea what chipped beef is but most of the other suggestions are things we have for supper…except the biscuits and gravy…no one likes gravy but Kevin.

  2. bisquits and gravy? A white sauce with saussage chopped up?


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