master list of breakfasts

Here is my master list of all the breakfasts we serve.  I rotate from this list, mostly depending on the cost of groceries for the week.

THM Master breakfast list

Here is a list of quick and easy THM approved breakfasts. I’m trying to get a little more organized with my menu planning for the coming year!

Quick and easy with (almost) no special ingredients:

  • eggs (whole, fixed any way) with breakfast meat & berries (S)
  • egg whites (fixed any way) with apple and sprouted toast (E)
  • oatmeal with cream, homemade brown sugar & berries (E)
  • 000 yogurt with 1/2 piece sprouted English muffin & Polaner jelly (E)
  • 000 yogurt with peaches (E)

Make ahead and reheat:

  • cinnamon roll waffles with berries (S)
  • chocolate waffles (E) cookbook
  • pancakes (E) cookbook page 223
  • savory protein muffins (S) cookbook page 221

Special ingredient ideas (all from the cookbook):

  • fat stripping frappa
  • thin mint shake
  • muffins in a mug
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