Martha Time for this Mary Girl!

Time to put on Martha and put off Mary

I’m planning on some planning.

I mean I’m working on some greater organization on my homemaking. As I’ve said before, I am NOT an organized person by nature. Even after 36 years of walking with the Lord, I still find myself struggling with my Inner Sloth!

I’ve decided to share on my blog, using it to plunge help me with some order and discipline. Today I’m beginning my focus on Martha Time.

I confess, I’m WAY too Mary and almost NO Martha. A little Martha is good for us. Martha has gotten such a bad rap over the years.

  • She is a hard working gal
  • She is looking out for the needs of others
  • She is sacrificing her time and her own needs so that no one gets left out
  • She is a servant from the inside out

Most moms do some Martha just as a matter of course. I, however, need to be putting on a little bit more Martha to get my home (and my mind) functioning better. I need to get that inner worker and organizer expressing herself all over my outside!

I’ll be sharing some of my homemaking plans, successes and failures. I’d love to hear your thoughts on how to make caring for a home with 10 people living in it more efficient. I’m hoping to come up with a planned schedule that will eventually work for me. I love to glean from other’s ideas, but I also know that I have GOT to make things my own – to make them work specifically for my needs and family.

Come join my journey as I put on Martha WITHOUT putting off Mary!

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  1. Happy New Year, Kate! I’m looking forward to hearing how your organizing is going. I had to laugh because you needed to have some Martha time and I need to learn how to have some Mary time!

    • Terri, maybe we could do a Freaky Friday swap kind-of-thing!! 😀 I’m always open for some Martha mentoring, darling!!

  2. I am TOTALLY willing to join you on this one! As the mom to three children and a homeschooling mom as well as piano teacher, sometimes I have a tough time finding a balance. I have a dear friend who has 7 children, and they work as a team amazingly well. I am going to ask her for some tips and let you know what she says. My big kid (13 year old girl) is my right hand bud, and she works her tail off right alongside me. My others are two year old twins, and they make a MESS!!! I have purged more sstuff than ever before this new year as I am trying to keep a handle on it with all the things I am busy doing. Good luck and I will be looking forward to reading about it! 🙂
    PS–thanks for linking up, I enjoyed reading your post! Amen and amen!
    The Welcoming House Blog

    • Heather, we can work together this year to bring God’s order to our homes in getting chores on target! I love your blog and follow it faithfully!

  3. Well, I’m with Terri on this one!! My pastor recently preached a message on make sure we catch “Mary moments” in our “Martha Days.” It’s something I’ve been pondering and attempting to instill.


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