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Many of you have probably heard that old Kelly Willard song, “Make Me A Servant.” It was always one of my favorites. I had the blessing and honor to hear Kelly sing it at our church service this past Sunday evening. What a joy to hear her.

Elizabeth: 6 months

She's so fun!

Hats are her accessory of choice!

Those who know me personally know my darling daughter Elizabeth. She is our 5th child and the first of my children with a bubbly extroverted personality. From the time she was very young she made it her ambition to keep all the neighbors company while they were working outside.

When she was between 2-5, her very favorite song was, “Make Me A Servant.” Once a friend was over and Elizabeth was singing it and my friend said, “Well you can come over and be a servant and clean my house anytime!” Elizabeth JUMPED on it and a date was set. She went over and helped clean that gal’s house (as much as a 3 year old can). She had a blast, and my dear friend loved the time as well (especially when she put on a movie afterward and Elizabeth complained to her husband that he sat on the remote and turned off the TV)!

Elizabeth was so fond of the song that when she was 4 she wanted to be baptized in the hopes that our pastor would let her go up on stage and sing it! Needless to say, we didn’t think that was QUITE a good enough reason for being baptized!

Over the years she HAS exhibited a heart of a servant. She does respite care for a woman with a special needs child and she loves it. She (along with a friend) is traveling this week with a family on their vacation to help with their children at a water park. She cleans for an older lady and babysits a lot – sometimes for pay, sometimes as a ministry.

I love that she has a tender servant heart. And let me tell you, SHE DIDN’T GET IT FROM ME!!

We did try to instill in our children a love for ministry. Kevin and I do minister, just not necessarily through service, and we have always been open with our children about our role in ministry. It is wonderful to watch as our children grow into their spiritual giftings and how the Lord uses them for His glory within the Kingdom of God.

How do your children show a heart of service? How are you encouraging them, whether it’s your gift or not, to love and serve others? Share your stories in comments and please link up your posts on your children below!

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