It’s the little things, really. {Plus my weekly menu}

Working on my yard is a major ordeal! I showed the beginnings, and now I’ll do update #1.

I do so wish I had a green thumb and a great sense of style and panash. But I take what I do have and make the best of it. I also wish I could get rid of our plethora of weeds for good. In the meantime, I weed a little bit every day to keep the bulk of the mess at bay.

I ordered a marker for our front entry garden by the sidewalk. It looks very nice, I think, and am looking forward to see if the little solar spotlight I put there will get enough solar to light that spot! And my children gave me some pretty annual flowers that will (hopefully) grow nicely to make it a very pretty little section.


a pretty little garden

sorry for smudging out the street

As I add more little things here and there, I’ll do updates here. I really would LOVE to hear your suggestions on any of my gardening issues/struggles/projects. Seriously, this is an area where I am severely challenged and know that there are so many others with greater skill that I can learn from.

Here is my Menu Planning Monday for this week. Just suppers for now. I’ll post what I’m cooking for the family and what I’ll be eating (if different). Please feel free to download my FREE, fully editable, Month at a Glance menu planner, my Weekly Menu Planner and my Snacks planner.

What’s YOUR menu for the week?

Monday: ranch drumsticks with rice and broccoli
Tuesday: tacos (taco salad for me – no beans – S)
Wednesday: waffles (chocolate THM waffles for me – E)
Thursday: pasta w/marinara sauce (grilled chicken & salad for me – S)
Friday: hot dogs (broiled garlic butter fish with broccoli for me – S)
Saturday: homemade pizza (on Joseph’s lavash bread for me -S)
Sunday: leftovers (for all of us)

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