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I am just beginning the planning phase for 2014’s Life: Simplified project. I have had a super busy break (a very un-breaky break) and am exhausted and mentally drained and haven’t had the time to sit and listen to the Lord’s direction for me for the whole year. BUT there is one place I have to start, no matter what comes after.

Simplifying the Clothes

In my focus of Simplifying Home and Health this year, my first stop is the clothes. We have 2 tiny closets and 4 small dressers and the clothes have gradually gotten out of control. The task this week is to pare down to the basics.

My girls are all adults and, so long as they can keep their room tidy and they do their own laundry, they are let off the purge project. But my boys are rapidly outgrowing clothes and we haven’t gotten rid of the ones we no longer need to make room for the basics of what we do need. Today I’ll be (blushingly) posting photos of closets and dressers and next week I’ll show the progress we’ve made. This may actually take us more than 1 week. But we will be taking inventory and (for the boys, anyway) cutting down so that:

  • laundry is simplified
  • bedroom cleaning is simplified
  • planning is simplified

One thing I would love is ideas on how to organize our clothes in ways that take into account our lack of closets, our lack of dressers and that cost NO money!! Talk about a challenge!!

Life Simplified: The Clothes



If you are jumping into the Life: Simplified challenge and you have a post you’ve written, please link it below! I’m excited that the group of bloggers I’m joining with are doing a united link-up so we can all share our posts and can invite others to join in as they are led. We all get to read the adventures and learning and progress of others, and hopefully glean from their insights.

Let God be magnified as we look to simplify for His glory!

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  1. What a wonderful series! Sharing this with others, because living simpler is what helps us accomplish what the Lord has for us! About the clothes thing…I’m still at a loss in our home. We pass down all our clothes to the younger child, which means our storage is quickly running out. The closets are small, so we use under the beds for a lot of storage. And I don’t keep all their clothes in their drawers/closets-just seasonal stuff. I’m looking forward to what’s to come, thanks for sharing with us!

  2. So my suggestion isn’t free necessarily, but the shoe organizing bags that hang on the back of a door are great. Put shoes on the back of a bedroom door and socks/undies/scarves/gloves/hats/belts in one on the inside of the closet doors. Huge storage for something you can often find for $10 or less. No floor space required. Get clear pockets so everything is easy to see at a glance.

  3. I culled through the baby’s dresser today. He has (mostly) outgrown 0-3 M clothes (which is good since he is 8 months old!). Back in the fall I reduced the number of clothes in the rest of my kids’ drawers/closets and need to go through them to decide what goes in a consignment sale in spring, what gets saved, and what needs to be replaced. That will be my project for March – if I can ignore the ankles peeking out from my boys’ jeans until then. :)


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