My life as a musical

Well, another night when I’m idea-less for a blog post! And of course, true to form, I turned to my girls for suggestions. But they refused (well, as much as they actually refuse) to give me ideas when they had already given me 10 of them back in January. And of course, they were right. So I will be blogging on #3 of their suggestions:

What life would be like if my life was a musical.

My life as a musical

Through the years, we have often had people tell us that our home life should be a reality TV show. Having never actually watched one (does American Idol count?) BUT knowing how clearly mundane our home is, I think they must be crazy. A musical, however, is a different ball game! In some ways, very little would change.

  • there is always someone bursting into song in the house
  • while our random dance moves may not have the best choreography, they certainly are energetic
  • our spontaneous singing and dancing have very little to do with life as we know it
  • we love quoting and rhyming
  • 2 of my boys love to dress well
  • 1 daughter has hats for every occasion

However, there are some things we would need to change:

  • we gave away all our dress up clothes, we’d need to contact the children we gave them to and get them back
  • no one in the house is a talking animal or an animated character, we’d need to work on that
  • we are not really good at dancing with axes (as in Seven Brides for Seven Brothers) or up and down stairs (like Shirley Temple)
  • we really like each other so gang singing and fighting would be hard (see West Side Story)

It looks like, all in all, my life actually could be a musical! Not that anyone would pay money to see it, but we often find ourselves endlessly entertaining. And that’s good enough for me!

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  1. I look forward to when you eventually post about #8: “The dangers of redesigning your house when no one is expecting it.” That could potentially be the best blog post of all time.

    • Interesting choice!! ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. There have been times in my life where I wished there was a camera following me around, lol! Just during moments where crazy things happen and you can’t believe it and you want to tell someone but you wonder if they’ll believe you, haha. Thanks for hosting today!

  3. I loved that you said your family is endlessly entertains themselves. May you always find joy in each other. Laugh hard & continue to have fun together. I enjoyed reading this post so much this morning! Have a great Tues.!

  4. Hey, at least your life is not a soap opera!!! LOL

    Love it!

    • LOL! Terri, you are cracking me up!!

  5. I standstand in agreement with Hannah – I’d like to hear more about #8 ๐Ÿ™‚ I can loan you an animal or two I’ll get right on teaching them to talk ;).

    • HAHAHA!! Heidi my children would be happy if I took you up on that one. I may just have to develop some more of these thoughts! ๐Ÿ˜€

  6. I found this a fun post!! I’m too tired to be too original with my comment. Love you!!


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