Learning to Disciple

Imitating Jesus to leave an eternal legacy

Discipleship Training

Does fear stop you from jumping into ministry?

  • Have you seen women struggling in their walks with God and longed to help them but didn’t know how? 
  • Do you feel ill-equipped and like you don’t know the value of what you have to offer? 
  • Do you wonder why any woman would listen to you because you aren’t an “expert”?
  • Do you look at your own life and see so much to grow in, yet still you think you could actually help others?
  • Do you sometimes even ache with wanting to jump in and give them a hand?

Tear down the barriers of “I can’t”
To live in the REALITY of “God can!”


  • let scripture empower your ministry
  • step into the confidence of your calling
  • recognize your divine purpose to train others
  • download your FREE accompaning workbook
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What You’ll Find Inside

Course Content

Module 1: Overall study of biblical discipleship

Module 2: Learning to Ask Questions

Module 3: Our agenda

MODULE 4: Wisdom, Scriptures & Spirit

Module 5: Learning not to judge but to love honestly

Module 6: Multiplication: working ourselves out of a job


6 module online course

This is a “learn at your own pace” course. Each module focuses on a different aspect of discipleship training, with 2-6 video lessons, for a total of 21 lessons.

Video lessons are designed with your busy life in mind and are generally between 10-15 minutes in length.

You have LIFETIME access to this course, go at your own pace.

The course workbook accompanies each lesson, with scriptures for personal study, questions, and real life issues for you to write out your practice responses to women’s questions. Plus, each module has my own Take-aways. 

What Others Are Saying

Lisa S

I have been honored to have Kate disciple me for over 24 years now, which speaks to one of her core beliefs in regard to discipleship; that it is long term commitment. Kate is a master at teaching practically and organically while weaving the Word of God in and out of every situation. Like Jesus, she opens up her life to her disciples knowing that they will learn more of what the Scriptures look like lived out by simply “doing life” together. Kate discipled me to pursue my own walk with Jesus and to look like ME. She never imposed her life or her path onto my life. In fact, we are as different as night and day in many ways. However, the intimacy that she encouraged organically caused me to WANT that for others. She did not ever “guilt” me to disciple others but rather knew that drawing me deeper into the heart of God would bring about HIS desire in my life, to disciple people! There is a kingdom principle of multiplication that cannot be stopped in those who are sold out for Jesus. Kate knows this and impresses that into her disciples… and so the process of generations of disciples goes on and on. I have been blessed to disciple many people in my life; about a dozen of those are still in my circle. ALL of them have many disciples under them as well. This is how it works and Kate grasps this concept in her teachings and in the way she disciples. I am so blessed to have her in my life.

Shannon G

For the past 14 years, Kate Megill has been my discipler. Kate has always gently guided me back to My Savior with every suggestion that was followed with, “take this back to the Lord.”  Sometimes she led me with a firm hand, sometimes with a gentle word, sometimes with a “don’t call me back until you’ve prayed,” and through it all she always spoke to me in love! A deep friendship developed over time and I am honored to be her disciple.

I wasn’t aware of it at the time, but she was discipling me to WANT a deeper relationship with Jesus. I didn’t realize my hunger for Jesus had faded.  I didn’t realize that the way I was living wasn’t really Life. I didn’t know you could read Scripture and see yourself in it. I didn’t know that the Holy Spirit could talk to me and use me… not really, especially not in my day to day life as a wife and mother.

Over and over again Kate pointed me be back to God’s Word. She showed me that to be a Disciple of Christ I had to want to do the work of choosing day in and day out to live my life in surrender to Jesus. She reminded me that it wasn’t about me, but ALWAYS about Jesus! 

Discipleship with Kate is not just being mentored or cared for, it’s being JOINED with someone who is willing to walk with you through your life. It’s being loved as you are, but led back to Jesus when you lose your way. It’s being encouraged, rebuked, helped, and equipped. It’s being shown a better way… God’s way. 

This course is the core of what she has taught me, and many of my fellow sisters in Christ, over the years. You will be blessed as you learn how to gently yet firmly love Jesus’s daughters. You will be reminded of who you are in Christ and that you are not weak and unable to disciple others. You will be encouraged to love as you have been loved… and that is the whole point of discipleship.


This course has the potential to COMPLETELY change how Women Disciple each other! Kate creates an easy to understand way to see the logical working out of how The Word of God instructs us to care for each other through Discipleship. It is a life changing mandate in Scripture that is essential for The Church.

One of the most helpful things I came away with was being reminded that God will equip me as I disciple other women.  I don’t have to have all of the answers. 


To all sisters in Christ; there is a great opportunity for you to sit under the wise teaching and discipleship of Kate Megill. Do not let this slip through your fingers, but I encourage you to go sit under her and learn how to discipline other women, which the Lord has called us to do. We are all teachable and Kate is a blessing to have as your mentor.

You will be able to gleam so much from her to help you feel confident as you step out with the Lord’s strength and help other women, young and older, to be all that the Lord has called them to be in Him. She lives what she will be teaching you. Enjoy each moment and take good notes! You are about to take a wonderful blessed journey brought to you by Kate.