Kitchen flooring

Well, I have no post today. We spent several hours yesterday working on the kitchen flooring. Because I am constructionally challenged, things like this take me longer than other people. And I’m tired and sore and REALLY looking forward to finishing it up today. So I’ll simply and shamelessly plug my book, Silver Threads: Weaving Godly Wisdom Into the Lives of Younger Women, and open up the link party! Buy my book, share your link, enjoy one another’s posts!

Silver Threads: Weaving Godly Wisdom Into the Lives of Younger Women

Available in paperback from Amazon and Barnes & Noble or in ebook for the Kindle, Nook or pdf. Click the book to purchase.

Lots of hugs to you all!

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  1. Hey, that’s nothing to be ashamed of! I would love to write a book just so I could say I did, lol! I just can’t imagine how you managed to keep up with your blog AND write the book. You are a rock star! Thanks for hosting today.

    • Thanks Nan! I only wish I were! 😀 😀

  2. Well you don’t have a post but maybe you’ll have floors soon and I think floors are more important. 🙂

    • Thanks for that encouragement, Kyle! And I agree, the floor was important! I’ll tell you, it came out GREAT!!! Pictures to follow.


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