Juggling: always being aware.

Do you ever feel like your life is a juggling act, but one that you are sadly failing?

For all of us, in every aspect of our lives, this is exactly what we are doing. Juggling. We may have few or many balls we are desperately trying to keep in the air, but we are trying nonetheless. We juggle marriage (1 ball), add keeping the home running smoothly (another ball), and then the children come. This adds more than just one into the act.

By Drey92027

I don’t know about you but I do JUST FINE at juggling 1 ball!! In fact, I can become downright smug at how good I am! 2 is still possible for me but, okay I’ll admit that it is a bit more of a challenge. I need to really look at what I’m doing. But toss that third one in and I’ve lost it. My brother-in-law juggles and I’m amazed (he can ride a unicycle but we are NOT here to talk about how accomplished he is!! ;) ). For me, I struggle with all of my responsibilities in life just like juggling.

And I fail. A LOT.

How do we work it? How do we cope with the many responsibilities and tasks of life? Should we just give up and go to bed? Well, I’ll admit that sometimes that sounds tempting. But that is NOT what God calls us to do. In fact, God doesn’t call us to do anything that is really too hard for us, by His power and grace and strength. OUCH!!

So how DO we juggle our way through life? If you’ve ever watched a juggler for long, you will notice one thing he does. He is CONTINUALLY laying down one or more balls while keeping a steady number happily spinning in air. THIS is the lesson of the juggler.

In our lives, there just isn’t enough time in our day to get it all done. Some days we need to drop the housework ball to get caught up on homeschooling. Other days we need to drop the homeschooling ball to minister to an elderly saint in need of love and care. Still other days we need to drop 3-4 balls in order to rest when we are ill.

By aussie_kel

They key is not trying to keep all the balls in the air at the same time. It is realizing which balls to drop and when…AND then remembering that they are on the floor and pulling them back in at the appropriate time (while dropping something else).

Perspective, understanding, being intentional. Cultural catch words for sure, but they are actually quite vital in our understanding of how to keep the ENTIRETY of our lives running. And all of these must be presented to the Lord for HIS reshifting of priorities and responsibilities.

  • Am I juggling something I shouldn’t even have in the mix?
  • Are there unimportant things that cause me to drop a really important ball?
  • Am I so caught up on one particular ball that I’m neglecting all the others?
  • Do I have joy in my juggling or am I frustrated and cranky?

These are all important questions for us to ask ourselves.

But the #1 thing for us to remember is this: we are performing all of this for an audience of ONE. A dear young friend (thanks Kayla) shared this with me this week in Sunday School class about singing, but it was such a great truth that I wanted to share it here. Our entire life is all lived for the glory and joy of God. Not to please others, not to look spiritual, not to be the best at this or that; to please and glorify God.

What are you dropping on the floor as you juggle through life? Are you aware of your dropped balls and are you seeking God’s wisdom and direction about when (or if) to bring them back into the act?

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  1. Great post, and we were surely in tune today! I only used Balance because as I was about to post our Balancing Act segment, all I could think was I didn’t have my life in balance. But juggling is an even better term. I love the graphic with the mom! And I must say your questions really left me thinking. I think there are some balls that need to come out of play! Thanks for sharing.

    • Tia, I love that graphic too!! I really identified with it!! Have a great day, dear!

  2. Kate, I have struggled with this SO much lately. As my responsibilites have grown over the last year I am struggling to find balance. I am also a perfectionist, neat freak and like things to be smooth and organized – easy when there is only a few things going on but lately things are piling up and I am feeling the heat. You are so right, we need to sometimes put down one ball in order to juggle another. Very hard to hear and do, but I think the only way we can actually manage without crumbling. Thanks for this. It was very encouraging. You are always such an inspiration to me!

    • Sarah, I hear you! It is so easy to go along in our lives and look around us and realize that so many things have gotten out of focus for us. It really is so vital for us to continue to keep in close contact with God about our priorities, isn’t it?!

      I’m very glad you were encouraged, dear! Thanks for visiting with me.


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