I’ve been awarded!!

I am so blessed to have been awarded the Liebster Blog Award by my new friend Annette at In All You Do. If you have not yet gone to her blog, please do…she is a delightful gal with a sweet and charming blog.

How sweet to be honored by a fellow blogger! It’s an award to recognize small bloggers for their contribution to the blog-o-sphere.

The award is one that, when you receive it, you share it with others. So, here are the rules:

  • Thank the person that gave you the award in a post on your own site.
  • Nominate up to five blogs with less than 200 followers.
  • Let the nominees know they’ve won by leaving a comment on one of their posts.
  • Add the Liebster image so all your readers know that you are generally awesome.

To be clear, there is no committee that gives this award.  It is simply bloggers recognizing each other for the effort and consideration put into their blogs.

I love that this award rejoices in the small bloggers. And here are my nominations.

  1. My darling friend Terri at Hearts In Service has been a blessing to me for many many years. She is part of a ministry family, serving Jesus for many years and reaching out to share her faith with others. On her blog she shares about her family, where they’ve grown and sometimes how they’ve struggled, with a heart and focus to encourage others and glorify God. She is tremendously crafty (not in a bad way ;D) and posts about her creations with gorgeous pictures.  Terri is one of my dearest online friends and I’m thrilled to nominate her for this award.
  2. Hopeful Future – this is a sweet blog I’ve been following for several months. She is a young mom with a heart to follow Jesus and grow as a wife and mother. Her darling posts about her family and her honest transparency touch me with joy. I’ve come to look forward to reading her insights into her family, where she is growing and how she longs for God to be in the center of their lives. I’m excited for the work God is doing in her life, at such a young age, and I’m blessed to share her with you all in this award.
  3. A new dear friend, Tesha at Tesha’s Treasures is my third nomination. She blogs about her family and shares the raw pain of having lost one of her precious babies. In her own sorrow, she reaches out to other moms who have lost children, to help them grieve and center their hearts and faith on God in the middle of their sorrow. Tesha has such a tender and compassionate  heart as she continues to walk faithfully, loving and serving her husband, loving and raising her children, loving and reaching out to others while resting on the loving arms of Jesus. I’m excited to give this award to her.
  4. Kaye at SandwichINK For The Sandwich Generation gets my fourth shout out. Kaye’s blog is quite fascinating as she writes about living in the sandwich generation – caring for elderly parents while babysitting grandchildren. Her blog is filled with encouragement and hope while, I’m sure, dealing with the stress and struggles of being called on to “do it all”. Many bloggers are young moms but Kaye’s blog deals with a whole generation of women struggling to see God’s perspective in a life of service. Kaye does a wonderful job of keeping her focus on God while being real and encouraging to other women from her life. It’s a joy to share this award with her.
  5. And last I want to recognize Tara at Hope For The Difficult Child. I have been blessed over and over with her heart and desire to encourage and bless other moms dealing with the added stresses of raising difficult children, in whatever form that may take. Her compassion and joy in raising all her children makes her blog an even greater blessing as she shares stories of her family, her homeschooling and her faith, giving glory to God and encouragement to others. I’m so happy to list Tara among my nominations for this award.

Please take the time to check these blogs out – trust me, you’ll be glad you did! And comment to let them know you came by. It is always an encouragement to have your blog appreciated!

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  1. Kate! I’m so thankful to have linked up next to you and had the privilege to visit your blog. Congratulations on your award, and I just love all the lovely and uplifting words you shared about your fellow bloggers, just beautiful. What a delight to read your sweet words about them.
    Blessings to you!

    • Oh Jacque, how sweet of you! I’m glad we found one another. Just came back from your blog…I loved your post today. I’ll be following you.

  2. Aww amazing, Kate!!! Congratulations!! You deserve this 🙂

    Thank for linking up to First Day of My Life’s Thankful Thursday! <3

    Hope you continue having a wonderful day!!

    • Thanks, Connie. You are so sweet!

  3. Kate, Congratulations on your award. May God richly bless you and encouraging and honoring others.


    • Thanks so much, Julie!

  4. This is so sweet and so kind. I am so happy for you 🙂 I’ll have to check out some of your friends blogs. Have a fabulous day!

    • Thanks, Kathleen…I hope you do check them out.

  5. Hi Kate,
    Although I’m visiting from Thought Provoking Thursday, I actually recognized your picture from the Allume fb group for smaller blogs. I haven’t spent as much time there as I had intended to, but I still hope to glean something from all the great conversation going on there! Anyway, congratulations on your award — it’s great to be affirmed! Your design is lovely.

    • Thanks, Michelle…I’m really enjoying the Allume group and getting to know as many bloggers as I can. I’m so glad you stopped by. I’ll check your blog out right now!

  6. What an honor to receive awards from our fellow bloggers. Congrats! So glad to see you over at THANKFUL THURSDAY today! 🙂

    • Hi Laurie…thanks so much. And thanks for the visit!!

  7. Congrats on your fun award and thank you so much for passing it on to me. What a sweet honor. Even sweeter, thank you for the lovely words of encouragement and inspiration. What a blessed smile you’ve put on my face. Have a lovely week, and thank you again! 🙂

    • Kaye, I’m so glad you were blessed…that was my hope! I have been truly blessed by your blog and the things you share about your life!

  8. Congratulations on your award, Kate. I love your blog and YOU!!! 🙂 Thank you for nominating me and you made me tear up with your sweet words. I love you, friend and you have been such an encouragement to me over the years. I can’t tell you how often you have lifted me up, challenged me and pulled me back from the edge. LOL!!!

    I hope you have a wonderfully, blessed day!


    • Terri, now you have ME crying!! I’m so glad you were encouraged. You are such a sweet delight to me, as a friend, as a mom, as a wife and a faithful follower of Jesus, ministering His love and truth to the lost! I love you, dear dear friend.


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