martha time

Spring has come in light a LION!! Rain, rain and more rain. And I’m feeling the longing to get some organization done, time to put some Martha on!

As many of you know, I am NOT an organized person by nature. But I’m delighted to know that God works with who we are to re-create us into who He WANTS us to be! And for me, that is more organized. It is easy for me to live like Mary, but I need to FOCUS to grow into the diligence of Martha.

Our school books have run amok! 23 years of schooling has certainly piled up a HUGE inventory. And since I’ve only got 6 years more to go with schooling, I think it is time to prune and weed the textbook garden. Fortunately for me, our local homeschool group is having a used book sale at the end of the month. This week has been a time of pulling together ALL the books – from basement, bookshelves and china closet (yes, I used our china closet for school books… does that tell you how many we’ve got?)

My china closet is being re-purposed – not for china yet – for my candle making supplies and my vanilla supplies. One day I’ll use it for china, but I’ll have to wait for children to leave before I have more room throughout the house for storage. I do have to find someone who can do repairs on the china closet, but I’m afraid that won’t be this year.

The entire quadrant of the kitchen where the china closet is is being de-cluttered, re-organized and re-purposed.

When that is done, next week I can get down to brass tacks in getting the rest of the kitchen deep cleaned and organized. Anyone with GREAT ideas on organizing spices, write it in the comments section. Over the door racks will not work for me as I’m too short and can barely reach the upper doors. Drawer racks won’t work because I only have 3 working drawers in the kitchen and they are packed (and falling apart). Our counter space is very small but usable. If anyone wants to buy us new kitchen cabinets, let’s just say I wouldn’t complain!! 😀

Feeling much better with the road to organization being traveled this week!

P.S. There was a hiccup along the path yesterday. We ended up with almost a foot of water in our basement. We’ve never had flooding before so were COMPLETELY unprepared. A friend bought us a pump, but alas, it is very small for the gargantuan task (there were NO sump pumps anywhere in the tri-city area – no I am NOT Doofenschmirtz). So we worked round the clock with the pumping and giving the pump a rest. I’ll see in the morning how far down we’ve come.

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