It’s done!! I won, I won, I won!

The WordCount Blogathon

What is done? Blogathon! That yearly challenge to post every day in the month of June. Today is the last day and I have finished.

What have I won? Well, I have won the joy and satisfaction of knowing that even in an extremely busy time, I was able to pull my thoughts (well, most of them) together to actually have content every day! Granted, there were some days that were less content heavy than others. And there was a lot more chatting (like this one right here). But to be able to be faithful to write a blog and connect to my readers every single day IS something to win!

As I think and prepare for next year, I realize that the one thing I let go of was my linking up to all the wonderful blogs I follow. I think the mental energy to come up with a blog every day depleted my energy to read and comment and link-up on my blog parties. And I have really missed that!

So, the goal for next year: DO NOT plan on a busy month (haha!). DO FOCUS on maintaining the community of my link-ups.

As I finish and when I return and can take a breath…I’ll be back to reading and commenting on your great blogs. In the meantime, enjoy my coming week of guest bloggers!

Blogs I might be linking to:
Menu Planning Monday, On The Menu Monday, Erin Branscoms, Mommy Mondays, Marital Oneness, The Better Mom, Multitudes on Monday, Hear it On Sunday, Sharing His Bounty, What Joy Is Mine, Playdates at the Well, Making Your Home Sing Mondays, Transformed Tuesdays, Domestically Divine Tuesdays, Time Warp Wife, Funky Planet Frequent Flier Club, Encourage One Another, Walking Redeemed, A Wise Woman Builds Her House, The Welcoming House, Legacy Leaver Thursday, What’s Up Wednesday, Thought Provoking Thursday, Hearts 4 Home, Thankful Thursday, Thankful Thursdays, Thankful, Thankful Thursday Brown-eyed Bell(e), Big Family Fridays, Faith Filled Fridays, Feasting In Fellowship Friday, Fellowship Friday, Homemaking Link-up Week-end, A Little R&R, Pieces of Amy, Homeschool Mother’s Journal, TGIF Bible Love Notes

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