Is it really procrastination?

Well, I just found out (at 11:40 at night) that today is December 1. YIKES!! So, if you have completely lost track of time and forgotten what day of the week it is and are trying desperately to get your laundry caught up (BWAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAH) and to get school done each day BEFORE you lose the children to their own devices — is it REALLY procrastination if you haven’t even thought about Christmas cards?

Angel Playing a Flageolet (drawing after Sir Edward Burne-Jones) and Pre-Raphaelite Angels (poem)

Creative Commons License photo credit: faith goble

I love sending Christmas cards. I love making the newsletters (ours are a bit different) and thinking which quote should we put in that will give just the right expression of our children to loved ones who never get to see them. I love writing special notes to each person whom I dearly miss but haven’t seen in years. I even love addressing each envelope and noting how many years I’ve written to them at this address.

I love it all. And I love receiving their cards back in return. Seeing the pictures that show how children have grown, how friends have grown “up” with me, to hear their accomplishments and sometimes their losses. I know some people hate the newsletters – but I love them. I don’t see them as people trying to One Up-manship one another (is that even a word?) I see them as loved ones sharing the joys and excitements of their families. I would much rather rejoice in how 6 year old little Billy got a medal in shot put than have to grieve that he was sent to therapy for punching a child. I’m glad they share their victories!

So, I love it all. But my mental slowness and some renewed frugality may make some changes this year. I may even take advantage of the internet and send out e-cards. Not my desire, but it costs less than ink and stamps. And I really don’t want to NOT send cards out at all. I love it so much. But you never know. I may eek out a little bit of money from our Christmas fund and send them after all since I have the cards under my couch, purchased at 75% off from last December 26!

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