How about those lunches?

I had a friend write and ask me about preparing lunches for our husbands.

packing lunches for our husbands

Most of the posts around are about making lunches for children for school. Those are great but not all of us are in that place. Some of us are empty-nesters (well, I will after I’m 65!!) and some of us are homeschoolers.

The reality is that making lunches for our husbands to take to work is both economical and healthier! My husband is completely flexible in this. He will eat whatever I send for him, but I really don’t like to send the same old boring thing every day. A couple of years ago I did some work on this and every semester I change it up a bit.

Today let’s look at some things we can do for our husbands (and our budget) to upgrade the Old Brown Bag Lunch!

Some things to consider:

  • does your husband have access to a fridge
  • does your husband have access to a microwave
  • will your husband’s lunch be indoors or outside in a hot/cold car
  • what kinds of things will he eat or not eat

As with any kind of meal planning, it starts with what kinds of foods you eat, or rather, what your HUSBAND will eat. Sometimes we wives get on healthy kicks but our husbands are not on the same page with us. We need to be careful NOT to try and re-make our husbands into OUR image. We shouldn’t make the meals we think they SHOULD eat, but the kinds of meals they actually WILL eat.

So, first start with a list of the kinds of lunches he will eat. Does he like leftovers or detest them? Does he really like peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and wants them every day? Does he like variety? Is he a soup and sandwich kind-of-guy? Once you find out his preferences, you can have a GREAT TIME making his lunches fun (not to mention the love notes you can slip inside 😉 !!)

Let’s talk containers.

I don’t like thermoses. I’ve tried many over the years and inevitably Kevin drops and breaks it. And with the option of many places of employment having microwaves available, I’ve been able to just chuck them. PHEW!

But then, I don’t want to reuse all those Cool Whip containers like my mom did. With the health issues of plastics, I look to using containers that are BPA free. Now, I know there are some gals who go to all glass for greater safety, but as I mentioned with Kevin (bless his heart, he broke every piece of my handmade pottery dishes the first year of our marriage) glass won’t work. So the next best thing is plastic that is BPA free.

There are some wonderful items I’ve found online but, to be frank, they are over our budget. I am going to share some of the wonderful items on my Wish List that might fall right within your budget.

Laura at Organized Junkie has an Open Sky store and some MARVELOUS things! Here is what she offers for lunch box kits: the Rubbermaid LunchBlox Sandwich Kit.

Another lunch set I like is this one at Amazon.

This next item is not a container for the food, but it is a really cool … um … cooler. I really liked the hot and cold sides but particularly the “secret” pocket for flatware and napkins.


These are the items I use for Kevin’s lunches. I have these at home for my pantry storage and just slip his lunches into several of the smaller ones. They are inexpensive and handy.

OK, that’s all for today. Next week I’ll share some suggestions I’ve collected over the years. This was the INTRO post to whet your whistle and get you thinking and researching your husband’s desires and containers.

I would LOVE for you to share your comments and special containers you have found that work well for you. I really want these few posts to be helpful, sharing our collective insight and learning. Next week I’ll actually do a link-up in case any of you have blog posts about lunches you’ve made for your husbands or yourselves. The more information from others THE MERRIER!!

(adult lunch suggestions)

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  1. You’ve got some great ideas here, Kate. Thanks for sharing them at The Alabaster Jar!

    • Next week, I share some meal suggestions…come on back and share your own!

  2. I just saw your guest on I’m an Organizing Junkie and decided to check out your blog. You’ve got a new follower!

    • *guest post – sorry! lol

      • Thanks for coming by, Judy! Going to check out your blog right now.

  3. Good morning Kate. It was nice to see a new Blog friend in the making. I have not visited much over the summer and I decided to join Cami’s sweet blog party again.

    My husband’s second career was a Math Professor and I packed his lunch for 15 years. You are way more inventive than I ever thought to be. However, my husband is a guy who has had the same breakfast for our nearly 50 years of marriage and does the same thing for lunch. I cook for dinner and he eats anything I ever make. My only contribution is that I used insulated lunch bags to keep things cool. He never eats leftovers for lunch. I am blessed. Smile!

    I really enjoyed your post today. Thank you for commenting on mine.
    xo, Jeanne

    • Jeanne…how wonderful to have you visit – and that you’ve had a successful marriage for almost 50 years!! My husband is also a math professor (but he also teaches computer science and philosophy). What a small world!!

      Have a blessed day and hoping to get to know you better!!

  4. Kate, thanks for thoughtfully linking this post for asJulesisgoing readers! I know we LOVE any kind of help we can get with the never ending packing of lunches; both for hubbies and kids! Thanks you!!!

  5. Okay, one snack I figured out for my dh was filled celery. He loves them fill (or stuffed) with peanut butter, but it was always messy. I tried just cutting celery to put in one contained and sending another contained of peanut butter to dip the celery. That worked but required 2 hands, and he often works through lunch. So I figured out the one handed peanut butter stuffed celery.

    I stuff them here of course. Then taking a sheet of plastic wrap, I roll one filled stick. I give one side of the celery a quick slick of butter and add the next filled celery (peanut butter side to the butter slick) and then do another complete roll. I continue this until I have 5 sticks then finish the wrapping around. He said the slick of butter helped the peanut butter pull off the plastic. So tada…semi-adult snacking.

  6. Great topic, Kate! I’m looking forward to the next post on this topic.

    We’ve had trouble with thermoses leaking. My latest trick is to use a mason jar with a plastic lid (google “Ball plastic storage cap”) for chocolate milk or sweet tea. I pack it in a soft semi-insulated lunch bag, and haven’t had a problem with breakage yet, but my husband is very careful.