Homeschool Journal – Our Missionary Club

With my 16 year old going to Honduras on a missions trip tomorrow, I thought I’d share something we did in our school a number of years ago.

In trying to build a love for the lost and a heart for missionaries, we had a fortnightly Missionary Club meeting. We invited other kids from the church (not everyone else had the same vision as we did) and we:

  • studied a country and prayed for their physical needs and spiritual hearts
  • memorized a passage of scripture
  • chose 1 missionary family from our church to pray for
  • did a service project where they asked for a love offering that was sent DIRECTLY to the missionary family along with a note of encouragement

It was a good time for our children and for our family. It really gave my girls a vision for those we can bless and serve and for the power of our prayers.

As Elizabeth goes off to serve in Honduras this week and, even though it is our week off from school, we’ll be studying and praying for the people of Honduras, I thought it might be an encouragement for us to think how can we include a heart for our missionaries and for those who don’t know Jesus in our school curriculum.

What have YOU done in your school time to help teach and build your children’s vision for the lost?

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  1. Please pass on my love and best wishes to Elizabeth for the trip Kate – I hope it’s profound and…. well, interesting and fun too! 🙂

  2. Thanks, Caroline, I most certainly will! All your postcards have spurred her on…she wants to pick up some Honduran money (she was the one who asked to keep all the bills you sent to us) for her collection! Prayers are GREATLY appreciated! 😉

  3. really, she was spurred on by the postcards? Wow. You never know what things will impact others, do you?

    Prayers are being prayed. 🙂 What a huge adventure… and at 16! She has an almost 8 year head start on me (I didn’t leave AU till I was nearly 24).

    Sending Momma good thoughts too – I hope you dont’ miss her tooooooo much 🙂

  4. Thank you for posting this we are looking at starting a missionary club and I would love it if you posted more details about your club. Or if you e-mail me with information. Additionally, we have worked as sackers at the food bank (serve the poor), family mission trip to work o houses, adoption (if you are not called to adopt we are all called to help in someway from babysitting to financial support) and we consistently volunteer at an assisted living (widows). Today we are making parachutes for Voice of the Martyrs so they can help them smuggle Bible into Colombia’s jungles. These aer some small ways we are trying to focus our childrens hearts on the work of the Father! Thanks again!

    • You have some great service projects listed!! Our club was pretty simple so there isn’t many more details. We advertised it in our church bulletin and met at our home. Each week we did a bible study, studied a country – specifically about the spiritual environment, prayed for that country and for any missionaries serving there. We picked one missionary our church supported each month and wrote them a note of encouragement and thanks for their faithful labor of love and then did our service project and asked for a love offering to send to the missionary family with our letter. Our meetings lasted about an hour plus about 1-2 hours for our service project.

      May the Lord bless your missionary club!!


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