I am not a servant. Not at all. I’m more than happy to help if asked, but I am not one of those people who look at your life and just KNOW what to do to help you. I know what to SAY that might give you some wisdom, but physical help? Not so much. On the other hand, I never think to ASK for help either. I’m a New England girl where we just sort of suck it up and do what needs to be done.

hands of love

But the reality is, that sometimes in our lives we JUST NEED SOME HELP!

So as I contemplate this in prayer and ask the Lord to give me eyes to see (and willing hands to serve), pray with me that I could be His hands of love to other women this week. It is not a strength, but that doesn’t mean I can just sit in my weakness and wallow. My heart is to be like Jesus – and that means in EVERY WAY.

I’d love to hear ways YOU are a physical blessing to other women. Let YOUR experience be MY training ground! How are YOU God’s hands of love to others?

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