Lessons from my Grandmother: Becoming a godly wife

My Grandmother (Mémé) was an extraordinary woman. Born in the 19th Century, she lived through much in her 89 years. Losing 2 husbands, raising 13 children in a blended family, losing 7 children in infancy and losing many more in adulthood.

When my Grandfather died she moved in with us (I was 5) and the next 13 years were rich and full for me, with her as my best friend.

the result of a grandmother's prayer

One Saturday night as we were playing cards (Saturday was Canasta night for the 2 of us) she said something that my 14 year old brain thought funny. She said that she was praying for my husband. She was praying he would become the man I could fall in love with. BUT she didn’t stop there. She also told me she was praying that I would grow into the woman of God he could fall in love with!

What an extraordinary grandmother!

Years later, I understood what she meant.

Thinking back to who I was, even in the early years of my walk with God, I was most definitely NOT the woman that Kevin would have fallen for.

  • I was critical
  • I was harsh
  • I was crude
  • I was super snarky
  • I was not particularly kind
  • I had a sharp tongue
  • I was rebellious

God knew exactly what needed to be done in my life to change me into the type of godly woman Kevin would be able to fall in love with. And it all began with Mémé’s prayers.

God began a work in my heart to soften my heart and change me more and more into the image of His Son. He taught me love and compassion. He taught me to believe the best about others (although not without wisdom and discernment). He taught me submission. He taught me to control my tongue. He taught me to take on the mind of Christ. Sure, I still have a really far way to go to attain to Jesus, but, as Anne of Green Gables said, “if you knew how much I wanted to say but don’t, you’d give me some credit!”

Learning from Mémé

I too have taken up that prayer for my children and their future spouses. Sure, most of us want our children to get married and have families. BUT I am much more concerned at who my children become.

I want my children to develop into the kinds of godly men and women who would draw others to Jesus. I want their character to shine as a testimony of God’s sanctification. I want their lives to attract those who walk a deep and surrendered life of faith and love.

So, today, I’m sharing my daily prayer for my children with you all as I lift up yours as well.

Father, I thank You for Your great love and mercy. Your sweet tender grace that has poured out on my life to give me the children I have is a joy and a blessing. I come to You today and lift up, not just my children, but the children of all my readers. Lord, change them, mold them, transform them into men and women surrendered to You. Purify and prune them so that they may be fruitful for Your Kingdom but tempered with humility and compassion. Prepare them, even beginning today, to become the husbands and wives of tomorrow. Mold their hearts to be ready to step into the marriages You have prepared for them. Make them able to follow You and to give glory to Your name in every step of their lives ahead. In Jesus’ might name!

All Scripture quotations are taken from the NASB.
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  1. Love this! What a gift you had in this woman!

    • Oh you are so right!!

  2. Oh Kate, that made me cry! I so wish I had a woman like that in my life as I was growing up. Maybe I would have learned some lessons quicker! Thank you for your constant words of encouragement. Love it.

    • Thanks, Terri! She was a real treasure.

  3. How can a Christian woman with an unbelieving husband teach the children to love their dad but not to follow his ways?


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