Too Much Grace? Facts and fallacies

There is a belief going around in Christian circles that some teachers/teachings push too much grace. Generally this ‘too much grace’ belief is that people think they can do whatever they want because we are under grace and not under the law. That grace is a license to sin.

This is not too much grace, this is a misunderstanding of grace. It is holding to low a view of grace!

Grace: what does true grace mean?

It is impossible to preach too much grace.

Grace in scripture means favor. We often add the idea of unmerited favor, meaning that we’ve done nothing to earn it. This favor is just bestowed on us by God out of His loving-kindness. Websters defines favor as: “something done or granted out of goodwill, rather than from justice or for remuneration.” How can I preach too much that God bestows His favor, His grace on my life? How can I say too much how He has pulled my life up from the pit of darkness and has bought my life so that I can live in freedom and victory? How can it be wrong to tell of the absolute abundance of favor He showers on my life so that I am no longer a slave to sin but can walk as a new creature in His sight?

It is impossible to preach too much grace. But it is possible to preach a cheap grace.

Grace is free to us, but Jesus gladly paid the high cost.

Grace is given to us as a free gift from God. But this grace is not cheap, it had a very high cost. A cost higher than any of us can truly comprehend in this world. Jesus didn’t agonize on the cross, endure the sins of the world to be placed on His shoulders, take the penalty for me and suffer the horrors of death so that I can live a life of fleshly indulgence. Jesus didn’t buy my pardon with His blood for me to reject His transforming power in my life. Jesus didn’t take on human flesh and pay the highest price for my soul so that I can have fire insurance: to have a back up plan ‘just in case’ there really is a heaven and hell.

  • Grace means I give my life to Him, in full and receive the wholeness of freedom He offers me.
  • Grace means His favor pours down on me and I have the honor to lay down my life for His glory. Laying down my life does not mean I can let my flesh rule my life.
  • Grace means we are freed from the lusts of our flesh that ruled our lives.
  • Grace means we are freed to walk in the abundant life of intimacy with the God of the Universe!
  • Grace means we are no longer destined to walk that path of death in our lives, we now have the destiny and heritage to walk into life with Jesus.
  • Grace means we are made righteous by the finished work of Jesus on the cross.

Grace is TRUE motivator in our lives!

When we come face to face with the immensity of the wonder and magnitude of grace, we are motivated to walk like Jesus! God’s love, His gentleness, care and compassion free us to live our lives in joy!

And as Nehemiah says, “the joy of the Lord is your strength!” 

Grace, real grace, motivates us to live in victory. We begin to understand that this grace, this favor from God comes with great possibilities. The Spirit fills us with His power to live as over-comers. No longer must we live in bondage, enslaved to our fleshly lusts and the sin we detest. We are now able, for the first time, to be changed into the image of Jesus.

When we understand grace, the fullness of grace, we begin to see how we can truly change. Our hearts respond in love, in gratitude, in joy and in humility. When pride and fleshly lusts and desires rule our lives, it is not because we have too high a view of grace. It is because our view is too low.

Grace is victory.

Are we living in the HEIGHT of His grace? Do we let this favor from the King of Kings change us to become more and more like Him? Are we seeing the lusts of this world as rights to be embraced or as irritating hindrances to walking in the beautiful freedoms offered by our loving Lord?

If you see grace as the opportunity to prove to other Christians how much you are allowed to do, rather the opportunity to be changed into the image of Jesus, your view of grace is way too low! You are still living in bondage to those fleshly appetites He died to save you from.

Grace is neither legalism nor license. Grace is freedom, grace is victory, grace is touching the heart of God in the heavenly places. Examine your heart and choose the fulness of grace today!

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  1. Amen!!!

    Thank you 🙂

    • Thanks, Lisha, and thanks for coming by again!

  2. “Jesus didn’t buy my pardon with His blood for me to reject His transforming power in my life…” I love what you said there! Absolutely!

    That’s why God’s Word talks about not using that freedom as an excuse to sin! That grace is to free us up to live for Him, not for ourselves! Thanks for hosting today.

    • Nan, you are so right! And what joy that truth gives to our lives. Great to see you again.

  3. Yes and Amen! What a beautiful reminder to begin the work day with! <3!
    Thank you for hosting!

    • Thanks Jenni! May your day be blessed as you walk in the FULNESS of grace!

  4. Such wisdom, my friend…on one of my favorite topics! Thank you for sharing your insights with us!

    • Oh Nancy, thanks so much and thanks for coming by, dear friend!

  5. Well stated, thanks for sharing & thanks for hosting!

    • Thanks so much, Caroline, for stopping by and for your sweet comment!

  6. What an inspiring and helpful post.

    Just what I needed



    • Ally, praise the Lord that it was encouraging to you!! Have a blessed day, dear!

  7. Kate….excellent post my friend! Loved this line: “It is impossible to preach too much grace. But it is possible to preach a cheap grace.” It is sad that grace can be taught improperly and misunderstood. Thank you for setting it straight and for the link up. Blessings to you.

    • Naomi, you said it! My heart breaks when I hear people misunderstanding (and teaching a different version) grace when Jesus gave us so much! It’s always a joy to see you, dear friend!!

  8. Wonderful post. Makes me think of Jesus’ reproof to the church at Ephesus in Rev.2:4-5 – “But I have this against you, you have left your first love. Remember therefore from where you have fallen and repent….

    Oh, how many times in my life have I unintentionally treated my Lord’s loving sacrifice like ‘cheap grace’. I need to remind myself daily how costly was my sin to Jesus and to want to know and love him ever more deeply. To think that He loved me to such an extent that He did what He did…oh, my! I am moved to tears and so grateful.

    Thanks friend, for touching on such an important topic. Though we may not teach a cheap grace, I fear we can, at times, far too easily live out a cheap grace without intending such. We can get too caught up in ‘doing’ or doctrine, (both important, I know), at the expense of our relationship with Jesus. Well written, my dear! Would love to be speaking with you over a cup of tea! (sigh) [Well, to be honest, my cup would most likely hold coffee hee, hee!] Miss you!

    • Cathy, preach it, sista! Love and miss you, my sweet Kindred Spirit Sis!


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