God IS the answer

I know this sounds like a No-Brainer, but this is absolutely and amazingly true. For whatever question, struggle, issue, condition, or concern in our lives God has the answer. But there is more…

Not only does God have the answer, God IS the answer - the Great I Am


God calls Himself I Am – that means He IS the answer!

Think about what that means.

For any issue in my life that defeats me, not only does God HAVE the answer,
God IS the answer!
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  • If I struggle with weakness – God IS strength
  • If I struggle with anger – God IS love
  • If I struggle with fear – God IS our faith
  • If I struggle with lust – God IS our purity
  • If I struggle with impatience – God IS long-suffering

Not only does He have the answer for any question – He can say, “I Am all you need. I Am the answer to every longing of your heart.” When I came to Christ, I struggled with guilt and rejection. Jesus, the Great I Am came to me and said, “Kate, I Am the freedom you long for. I Am your acceptance and your identity.” He met the deepest need of my heart not just by giving me the answer, but by BEING my answer!

What is the need or longing or ache of your heart today? Look to God to see how He is the answer to that.

Meditate on this aspect of God. Be encouraged that, not only will He never leave you or forsake you, but He is all you need. God Almighty, the Great I Am. He IS the answer.

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All Scripture quotations are taken from the NASB.

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  1. Kate…I love this truth: “He is all you need.” What a good post today. Thank you for hosting as well. Have a blessed week friend.

    • It’s always a joy to see you, Naomi, either here or at your own blog!! (((hugs))) to you, dear!!


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