Our family loves to play games. We look for them at yard sales, we enjoy all different kinds, we just love to play. Aside from video games, here are our family’s Top Five Games (in no particular order).

  • Catch Phrase

We don’t even play this in teams or for points very often. We love guessing games and it is very funny to hear some of our family getting tongue-tied as the time speeds up. Some of us are REALLY good at this game.  Some of us have made it onto other’s Facebook pages because of our … um … inventive answers.


  • Mao

OK, this is a card game that I REFUSE to play! Really, I don’t like it one teeny weeny bit. But the children love it. I must admit that I can always tell when they are playing this game because the house gets very quiet. They love to play it with visitors but people either love this game or hate it. It’s never that much fun when a guest hates it. But my children still play it anyway.

  • Disney Scene It (well, I love the Turner Classic Movie version myself)

We are a family that loves movies. And we are a family that quotes. Actually, this was one of the major ways I knew that the children were mine (they look much more like my husband), their quoting skills. I have quoted movies for as long as I could remember but I love that my children quote back and almost always recognize my quotes. So Scene It really fits in with movie trivia.

  • Celebrity

This is surprisingly a very fun game for all of us. You write the names of 5 famous names (real or fiction) on 5 different pieces of paper and put them in a hat. Round 1 is to pull out a name and give clues to that person’s name. You keep going until the timer runs out and play continues until all the papers have been used up. Then you put all the names back in the hat and begin Round 2, where you pick names again and give only 1 word clues. Round 3 is doing pantomime clues for the name. It is always fun.

  • Scattergories

Fortunately, we have several copies of this game so we have 12 sets of each card. We do, I admit, have lots of debate over the validity of some of our answers! Sometimes, LOTS of debate! But it is always fun.


We do have in excess of 40 games in our closets (yes, I said closets), some are more fun than others, some require you to be in the mood, some work for just a few of us.

So, what are YOUR family favorites?



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