Frugal Friday — Frames

If you’ve been reading my blog you know that we’ve been decorating our hallway as we’ve been spring cleaning the house. I have always wanted to do something fun with the pictures we’ve collected over the years (of family) but have been too cheap to do much.

But spray paint has changed my life! We had a huge assortment of frames in the house. Some given to us, some purchased by us, some very old, some very ugly. With wanting to hang more than 10 pictures, there was no way I was going to spend (even at a thrift store) that kind of money on frames.

So, instead, we bought some spray paint! Since our hallway walls are salmon, and the new stencil we put up that we got from The Simple Stencil was in chocolate, we (I always say “we” because there is always someone here who helps me) chose Leather Brown for our frames.

Elizabeth sprayed them all in the backyard, giving them several coats to cover. So for $3.99 we were able to make a nice frugal make-over of our many frames.

I’ll be posting all the pictures of the finished upstairs part of the hallway next week.

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