It’s Friday, but Sunday’s coming!

Even in the darkest tunnel, with Jesus, there is a light.

It's Friday, but Sunday's coming!

My heart is full these days. There are horrible natural (and man-made) disasters going on all around us. Hundreds of people have died and thousands more are struggling to put their tattered lives together. Our country has lost its way. Where we were once a nation of integrity and dedication to the rights of all (at least we sought to have that define us), we have fallen from a place of honor to a place of darkness in history, of ignobility and folly.

In all of this, I have 2 very dear friends who have been given the final notice from their doctors to prepare for the end.

Thinking about the end of this life for a believer is a very bitter/sweet thing. OUR lives will be lessened because they are gone from us, but they are FINALLY able to see Jesus face-to-face. Their temporal groaning will cease and they will be fully clothed in His righteousness, with every tear wiped away.

For us, right now it is Friday — like the last Friday for Jesus.

  • This is a time of great loss that we anticipate with fear and agony, grief and loss.
  • This is a time where we try to bring closure to issues hanging over us.
  • This is a time for saying goodbyes.
  • This is a time we dread.

For Jesus, that Friday was something that only He understood. He knew the relevance and significance. And He knew the extent of what He was called to do. His death was for all of mankind and more horrific (spiritually as well as physically) than anything I can imagine. And He stepped into that day alone and misunderstood, even by His closest friends. But scripture tells us that “for the joy set before Him…” He walked fully into that Friday.

What was that joy?

Sunday’s coming!

Jesus knew that death would be swallowed up in life. That He would rise, victorious over sin and death. He understood the plan for redemption and rebirth. He rejoiced in the knowledge that Sunday was coming!

For my darling friends, their Sunday is coming. They have already had their sins washed away through the regeneration of their spirits and their new birth. But their earthly bodies are still experiencing the affects of the fall. Their bodies are dying. But when their Sunday comes, they will be delivered from these bodies of death. They will be clothed in white linen until that day when their bodies will be resurrected, glorified for Eternity.

They will be free!

I so rejoice for them!! Their work on earth is drawing nigh. They have fought the good fight. Both of these women have lived lives for His glory. They have sought, even in their suffering, to give glory and honor to God. Lives have been touched for eternity because of their faith and faithfulness.

I am sitting here, honored and blessed to have known these women. To have had MY life changed and molded by their walk with Jesus.

Join with me, in these last days, weeks, months to sing the glorious news:

It’s Friday, but Sunday’s coming!


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