Flooring options are so hard for me – I need your help!

The only thing harder for me to choose than flooring is window treatments.

Right now, though, it’s flooring that has me stumped. If I were able to follow my heart’s desire, I’d install wide old hard wood flooring everywhere – it’s my absolute favorite type. BUT since that is financially out of the question, I need to look at other types that I might like (or tolerate) for my living areas.

flooring help

When we first moved into our home 20 years ago, the previous owners had just installed very cheap carpeting in the living/dining room that we turned into a den/living room. But with 8 children growing and being home 24/7, to say High Traffic Area is an understatement. Our floors have seen:

  • wrestling
  • rollerblading
  • skateboarding
  • dancing
  • exercising
  • keep-away
  • various ball games

Not to mention the constant walking and dragging of furniture. Currently we have numerous spots on the floor that are tacky because the carpet is completely worn off and we are down to the padding.

I am not a big fan of carpeting. I like the clean look of wood (or laminate, since that seems to be more affordable for me) and how easy it is to dust it. But our house is very very old and drafty and quite chilly in the winters, so carpeting would be warmer.

This is not something I can do immediately due to other higher priority items in the budget, but it is something I can begin to save for.

But WHAT to save for?

I am asking for YOUR help! Please vote in my poll of what type of flooring your prefer for a living area of a home with (still) high traffic on a very tight budget. I’d love to hear your reasons in the comments to help me in my pursuit of the best floor covering for what we can afford.

Take my poll below:

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  1. If you are saving to make the purchase with cash, then my advice is to wait until you can buy flooring you will love. I’m not a fan of carpeting. MAYBE in the bedrooms but never in public rooms. Our new house has hardwood floors everywhere except kitchen and bathrooms. I love it! You are right that it is a bit cool in the winter. This winter we didn’t have money for nice area rugs and curtains. Hopefully we’ll have those before next winter. I’ve also concluded I’m not a fan of tile floors or hardwood in the dining room. I’d rather have vinyl. It’s easier to clean, and I don’t have to worry about chairs scratching it. So, my two sense is to save for real hardwoods but if you can’t wait that long then opt for laminate.

    • That was my thought. One of my daughters (who will be moving out soon so I told her she has no say ๐Ÿ˜› ) definitely thinks we need to go with carpeting since when everyone is home, we end up having some sit on the floor. My response to her was: large throw pillows! ๐Ÿ˜‰


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