Filling in the gaps – the series

Filling in the gaps

Here is a series on things that we might be missing in training our children. We want to make sure that they are prepared and fully ready to enter into the adult world without falling prey to the schemes of the enemy in their lives.

As our children are growing into adulthood, there have been things we’ve seen that we’ve not taught them. Serious spiritual things. This is the first part in a series on filling in the gaps as our children prepare to leave the nest, fully discipled and ready to live the surrendered life of faith… READ MORE

Last week I shared about teaching our children to put on and fully use the armor of God. This week we are looking at how our children can be drawn into cults. We often think that if our children are raised in the church and in Sunday School and youth group that they are protected. Unfortunately, that just isn’t the case… READ MORE

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