Feeling Christmas nostalgia

As I’m listening to Christmas music this morning, I’m feeling very nostalgic for my childhood Christmases. It doesn’t happen often (my long term memory seems to have gone the way of my short term memory) but here are some of the things I’m thinking fondly of today:

ours seemed much larger than this, but that’s probably because I was somewhat smaller than I am now – not much but somewhat


although even this is more of an upgrade than we had…ours was straight cellophane panels over a 4 part wheel

(my sister got one of these for Christmas)

(my Chatty Cathy was blond – there’s nothing like a doll telling you
she loves you to fill your heart with true joy)

I remember Ma Tante’s little plastic Christmas village (we kids thought it was the HIGHLIGHT of Christmas decorations) and going to her house after midnight mass (grew up Catholic) and eating meatpies (couldn’t eat meat on Christmas Eve until after midnight). I remember going home and opening 1 present before we went to bed. Then I remember this:


We were not allowed to wake my parents up until the test pattern was no longer on the TV.

What are your favorite nostalgic memories from your childhood?

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  1. Oh my GOSH! I remember the whole tinsel and color wheel thing! Ha! Ha! I could sit and watch it change colors for HOURS!

    • And I could see the colors on the ceiling as I was going to sleep as a little girl! :D

  2. Oh my goodness! This was certainly a fun walk down memory lane. I loved my Chatty Cathy! (Mine was blonde too!) I haven’t seen that test pattern in a looong time. We felt so cool when we got to stay up on a Friday night until the test pattern came on the screen…very exciting to get to stay up that late!

    I’m visiting via Fellowship Fridays!
    Blessing to you ~ Mary

  3. When did they stop having test patterns on television. I seem to recall seeing a color block pattern on the TV late at night sometimes, but I could be way off. I am 26, so I could be imagining it. I love Christmas and nostalgia!


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