The end of winter is near!

February is coming to an end. This has been a long harsh winter compared to what we normally experience here in rural northwestern IL. I have loved the snow and have been thrilled with the lovely heater we had in the midst of the bitter cold outside. But the few days of 40 degree weather was a tease for the spring that is really just around the corner. Granted it may be a long corner to turn, but I can almost smell it in the air.


  • I’m looking forward to spring cleaning.
  • I’m looking forward to spring sprucing.
  • I’m looking forward to planting some tomato plants.
  • I’m looking forward to setting up our hammock outside.
  • I’m looking forward to opening the windows and letting the fresh air breeze through the house.

Thank you, Lord, for the wonders of the seasons You’ve blessed us with! And thank You for the joys of each one of them!

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  1. Oh, goodness, yes. Fresh air and open windows!! I am in NH, and when it hits 35F around here these days, people start wearing shorts and t-shirts…after such a cold winter, 35 is just about beach weather! The snow is such a beautiful reminder of His covering over us…but I do look forward to rejoicing in the new life that spring brings soon.

    Thank you, Kate! I hope the rest of your week is lovely!

  2. You know, I guess I never really thought about it but you’re right! We’ve had a mild winter except for that one burst of snow so it hasn’t been too bad. But still, it’s been cold at times and it will be nice to have some warmer weather.

    We are going to Disneyland in the spring so I am happily awaiting that, lol! But I also want to remove the Valentine’s decorations and put up some bunnies and flowers and stuff for spring! Thanks for hosting, my friend!

  3. Lisha, I am “In” with you and Kate with looking forward to spring and opening windows. Poor Nan, you just don’t hardly know what it’s like to have temps so low out there where you live!! The other day it went up to 50F and the ice all melted on the rivers that forge down the hill (mountain) from us. Beautiful. It is back to single digits and the wood stove is chugging along (as long as I feed it, LOL) and with all the snow that melted we still have a foot!!

  4. It is so true. I love the change of seasons. I so enjoy each season for very different reasons.

  5. Yes! I am SO ready for spring, too! We were much more cooped up this winter than usual. I want to get outside!
    Thanks for hosting!


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