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I am really struggling with some serious insomnia this week. I have gone about 5 days in a row with less than 4 hours of sleep a night. I am working through a very thick mental cloud and I’m afraid all my spiritual focus is going into a teaching I’m giving at a girl’s retreat this week-end. So, I have no post encouragement post for today.

But I AM opening up the link-up so I can read and be refreshed by YOUR blog posts! I’m so looking forward to reading these. You bless me more than you’ll ever know. And while I don’t have time to post comments on every one, I DO read every one of them each week. Thank you for joining in my little community here. Blessings to you!

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  1. Sounds like you’ve had a hard time shutting your brain down at night lately! I can totally relate, lol! What a lovely blessing to be able to speak into the lives of those young girls. I am sure that you will bless them as much as you’ll be blessed by them! Thanks for hosting today.

    • It’s a combination of brain not shutting down, being a very light sleeper (and once awake, I get a “heavy dose of my own personal summer” from which I need to cool off), and brain not shutting down! :D

      This message I’m giving is a Hook – a little snippet – of an entire retreat on Prayer I’ll be leading them in in November. I’m praying God would be glorified and they will step into a deeper walk of faith.

      Thanks for coming by!

  2. Looks like I have the same problem tonight! But I know you’ll do a great job with your speaking…maybe it should include overcoming obstacles?

    Thank you for your wonderful blog hop!
    Praying we get some sleep :)

    • Thanks, Ceil. My message is on prayer. I’m doing an entire prayer retreat later in the fall and this is a preview of what we’ll be doing.

  3. Kate — you have my sympathy. A good night’s sleep is a precious gift indeed, and I pray that soon you will experience a deep, dreamless night of sleeping after which you awake refreshed and rested.

    My article #41 will give you something quick, easy, cheap and nutritious to put on the table this week — Yukon Gold “French Fries.”

    #42 encourages you, and all parents, to Encourage Your Child to Read. Not all kids like to read; some take on to it at a later age; and it doesn’t matter if they go to home, public, or private school. But as parents, we can encourage them to develop this crucial skill, and the process of doing so is actually fun.


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