Encouragement: coming alongside

Encourage by coming alongside others(image courtesy of Stuart Miles/FreeDigitalPhotos.net)

We often think of support and comfort when we think of encouragement. The thrust behind biblical encouragement is to come alongside of someone with the goal to move them FORWARD in their lives and walk with God. It encompasses helping them deal with issues so they can grow.

It’s not just about making someone FEEL better it is about helping them BE better.

Here are some of the words associated with biblical encouragement:

  • to strengthen
  • prevail
  • harden
  • be strong
  • become strong
  • be courageous
  • be firm
  • grow firm
  • be resolute
  • to call to one’s side
  • to admonish, exhort
  • to beg, entreat, beseech
  • to console
  • to encourage and strengthen by consolation
  • to comfort
  • to instruct, teach

So, the question is: how much are WE doing this in our lives toward others? Are we coming alongside of others to help them move forward in their walks with God? Are we helping to instill courage in them to walk the surrendered walk of faith? If not, why not?

Prayer for the Honduras Missions TeamPrayer for Honduras:

Father I lift up the saints in Honduras today and pray courage into their lives. Fill them mightily with Your Spirit, who is the Paraclete, and come alongside of them to strengthen, console, comfort, instruct and move forward in their faith walk. Thank You for their desire to serve others and glorify You, build this desire more deeply in their hearts and show a power of faith and trust in their lives to glorify Your name and advance Your Kingdom. In Jesus’ mighty name!


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  1. Hello dear Kate! Hope you’re having a happy week so far. We’ve got rain, rain, rain…and I’m so thankful!


    • Hi Sarah! I’m BUSY, BUSY, BUSY!! I feel like my life is on hold until July 6 when my daughter gets married. Today we had rain and it was nice (although it came with a tornado watch) because it really cooled things down. Always a delight to see you!


  2. That’s beautiful, Kate! I love your list of words there and the reminder that we’re not trying to just help them feel better. We’re being intentional, coming alongside and helping them BE better! 🙂 Thanks for hosting today!

    • Thanks for your sweet words, dear sister!! 😀 Blessings to you!

  3. Hi Kate, I hope you don’t mind, but I’m sharing this on my Words of Encouragement Facebook Page. Good stuff!

    • Aw, Terri, you are so sweet. Use away!

  4. Hi Kate! I know that you’re an encourager – warm and yet strong. I want to follow that path, too – a wise encourager (but I often find myself the one needing encouragement, to be lifted up from my own pity party – lol!).

    • Well, Rina, I know that I get so much encouragement from you! Bless your heart, dear sister!

  5. Thanks for encouraging us to encourage others. 😉
    Love ya much!

    • Hey beautiful! How are you doing? I sure miss you.

  6. What a great list! Thank you for that. BTW – I am loving the lighter color on the background. It really helps keep my eyes centered on the content!! Way to go girl!

    • Thanks, Debi! I really appreciate your input and wisdom!

  7. Kate, your comment on helping people to Be better not just Feel better really struck me. I was also challenged by your questions.

  8. Thank you for hosting. I am number 45, God Is Not a Tinky Doodle.

    We live in an odd society, and try as we hard to not let ourselves be affected by the influences around us, they creep, gradually into our psyche, subtly affecting the way we think about God.

    • Sarah,I just inked up 3 posts on my Home Decor! It is my way of Homemaking so I hope that is okay.i have to tell you that I love your music selections.Now on to your post..first of all, I amirde you for being a Mom of 8 children. May God Bless you and your family and I mean that in the best way and I am not being sarcastic.I had 2 sons that were just shy of 2 years apart and worked full time night shift. They grew up with Mom having to sleep when no one else did because mom worked when everyone else was sleeping. They were very respectful of my sleep time because I worked all night and they knew not to be loud or bother me. Now when they were young, there was another adult in the house but they were quiet when I was sleeping. And when they got older and could be left alone, they were very good about respecting my sleep time.They went to bed the same time every school night and from the time that they were in 1st grade, they had alarm clocks and were up and getting ready for school so my Mom would not have to go up and wake them. I made it home in time to take them to the bus stop.Children need a schedule and set times. It gives them a sense of order. Good job!Hugs,Debbie


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