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In our very busy culture, there are so many distractions in our lives. Priscilla Shirer discussed this a bit in the True Woman ’12 Conference this week-end and it got me thinking.

  • computer solitaire distracts us at work
  • TV distracts us from housework
  • computers distract us from being with family
  • sports distract us from studies
  • texting and tweeting distract us from real life conversations

But what distracts us from being in the Word?

When I was a single gal, my regular habit was to spend 1-2 hours before I went to bed with the Lord. I’ve never been a morning person so those sunrise quiet times were not part of my repertoire – except on retreats. My time was the midnight hours. Like the Proverbs 31 gal, my candle did not go out at night.

I remember times when I was so engrossed in the Word that I forgot to go to sleep at all! I had a job as a machinist one summer (working for my dad) when I had just gotten saved and I sang praise songs all day long, songs that I made up. No one could hear me (thankfully) because the machines were so loud, but my heart and voice soared to the heavens in praise! When my throat started to hurt with singing (I’m sure I do it wrong) I would jump into prayer and speaking out the scriptures I had read the night before.

What happened? What changed?

Life. I got married and started having babies. I remember a mother I knew once said that after her last baby she hadn’t had a quiet time in 9 months. That memory frightened me. I couldn’t imagine being so separated from the Lord! But as the babies came, along with the exhaustion — I began to understand what happened to this gal.

When I was a young mom I remember thinking one day, “If I can’t spend an hour with the Lord, why even bother!” But then God reminded me of Ps 84:10

For a day in Your courts is better than a thousand outside. I would rather stand at the threshold of the house of my God Than dwell in the tents of wickedness.

In the busyness of my life, I had forgotten the joy and delight in being with God!

It’s so easy to listen to the lies of the enemy…those deceptions that wrap around our brains to keep us from God’s presence. We let him fill us with guilt at no longer having 1-2 hours of solitude. We let him pile on the distractions of housework and laundry and TV and computers. We listen to the lies that it is futile to spend tiny stolen moments with Jesus.

I started to post scriptures on index cards where I’d spend my time.

Above the changing table as I changed diapers.
Above the dryer as I folded laundry.
Above the sink as I washed dishes.

Above the stove as I cooked.

I’d change the scriptures each week but it gave me some time to meditate on those verses. My prayer times were while I was nursing. I wasn’t one of those gals who could vacuum and nurse. I’m not built that way. 😉 So as I sat down with my baby to those quiet few minutes, I’d pray aloud. The aloud was mostly so I wouldn’t fall asleep (remember the exhaustion?) But I also wanted my babes to hear the sound of my voice in conversation with my Lord!

Today there are still distractions, but they are different. Well, the exhaustion isn’t different and sleep is always a distraction looming in front of me. But now it is blogging or Facebook or e-mails. Each semester finds me needing to settle my schedule once again so I remember “there is always time to do the will of God”, as my dear friend Tamara says.

What are YOUR distractions? How is God wanting YOU to order your life to make time with Him and in His Word a priority?

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  1. eek! Guilty! Oh, i’ve lately had those ‘stolen moments’ with Jesus, but i know i could have had more than that! Just as it is far too easy to take time with our spouses for granted, so it seems we so easily do that with our Lord. Thanks for the oh, so timely reminder of what is truly important and beneficial! Love you dear!

    • Cathy, I was writing it for me as much as for anyone else, that is FOR SURE!! Miss you tons!!

  2. There are always seasons of life :0). When I had 4 under 7, it was the season of long nights and tired days. I read when I could but OH! the self imposed guilt! I also thought I needed to spend a long time in devotions for them to “work”. Silly me. That guilt really spiraled and I found myself trying to follow some sort of “rules” someone put together and when i could not adhere to them…more guilt.
    So, over the years God has worked on my rule loving heart and helped me to see that in any season there is SOME time to spend with Him and that it is MY responsibility to prioritize SOME time with Him. As the years progress I have more time to spend with Him. I do not feel guilty for spending time on the computer or watching a TV show with my hubby because I do have time with HIM :0). It is freeing to me…so utterly freeing. I also know He totally grabs my heart and allows His spirit to tell me when I am NOT prioritizing! When i have gone a few days away from His word, i miss it, and He reminds me how important I am to Him and He is to me :0).
    THANKS for sharing your thoughts on this! Balance is so very key in everything we do in life. Our family has chosen not to participate in sports because it take a LOT of time. but we do participate in Scouts…take a LOT of time, but differently :0). One is daily, the other is one day a week and then 3 day weekends! Balance…balance!
    Have an amazing Sunday!!

    • Balance…amen to that, sweetie!

  3. Yes, even now, with grandkiddos, internet, etc. just leaving my Bible open and talking to GOD throughout the day is my life.

    • Amen, Connie, amen!

  4. Thanks for the reminder to be on the alert for those ever present distractors! I am going to leave the blogosphere now and enter the presence of the Lord in word and prayer. Thanks for the encouragement.

    Easily Distracted in St. Louis

    • Kel, I hope you had a wonderful time with the Lord!! Thanks so much for stopping by.

  5. Hello! I am new to your blog and really love it. This post helped me so much- I needed it! Following you!

    • Thanks so much, Ashely. Blessings to you and looking forward to getting to know you better.

  6. This is just excellent. I’ll be sharing it with some of my young mothers. There are season of quiet times, but I do believe as in your posting of verses, that we will do all we can to keep some time with our God. I’m past the “littles” and moving into empty nest. There’s time now for longer times of Bible study and prayer.

    • Praise the Lord, Pamela, if there can be any blessing for your young moms.


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