What message do we declare of our lives?

Is God deepening your message?
We all seek significance in our lives. Some seek it through fame, others through wealth, still others through power. Sometimes we hear the expression, “It’s not WHAT you know, but WHO you know.”

The longer I walk with Jesus, the more I’ve come to believe that  our significance is found only in who we are IN CHRIST. Now, I know it might sound trite and weak, as if I’m begging the question. People might think, “DUH! Of COURSE that’s it.” But so often we just don’t live that way. We live our lives in fear, insecurity and anxiety thinking that we just aren’t good enough.  I know I have!

  • I’m not that smart
  • I’m not that pretty
  • I’m too fat
  • I’m too thin
  • I’m not athletic
  • I’m not talented
  • I’m shy and quiet
  • I’m too loud

The list goes on. We compare ourselves to those around us and NO MATTER WHAT WE FIND in others, it causes us to reject what we find in ourselves. 2 Cor 10 reminds us that when we compare ourselves with ourselves or even one another, we are without understanding.  It all comes down to the work Jesus does in us…who He has created and is creating us to be.

For it is not he who commends himself that is approved, but he whom the Lord commends.  2Cr 10:17-18

What does deepening our message look like?

This makes me think of all the things God is teaching me in my life.  I may not have many people interested in hearing about it, I may not have a following like Paul or others did/do, I may only be a wife, mother and homemaker. But God is calling me each day to let Him deepen the message in my life.

I need His message to take root deeply into my heart. I do this:

  • as I walk closer and closer with Him
  • as He corrects, reproves and refines me
  • as I seek to imitate John the Baptist by having Jesus increase while I decrease

His truth is becoming so much a part of ME that the time will come that when others look at me, they see Jesus. THIS is how I deepen my message.

It isn’t by all the theology that I know or can dispute (although there is NOTHING wrong with being sound in our theology), it isn’t in the crowds we can bring to tears with our speaking talents (although there is NOTHING wrong with being a powerful speaker), it isn’t the great books we write or blogs we post (again, NOTHING wrong with any of that). But the truth is that all of those things can also be counterfeit. They can be imitated without really having depth of spiritual passion and change.

Who I am in Jesus. Who He is creating me to be. How I purely reflect His image in my life. THESE are the things that deepen my message. THESE are the things that bring life to others. THESE are the things that will last for eternity. Lord, teach me to set my heart on the things that matter, help me to deepen my message OF YOU. Help me to decrease while You increase in my life.

Photo by Gautier Salles on Unsplash
All Scripture quotations are taken from the NASB.
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