Cousin fun!

This week our children get to visit with some of their cousins. We’ve spent our entire married life living far from family, on either side. The down side of this is that my children seldom get to hang out with any of their cousins. This week is a once-every-couple-of-years time of cousin fun. So here are some photos.

Lovely girls - I mean young women.

A very talented young man!

My very kind-hearted nephew.

My Seth's pal!


A charmer!!

What a smile!

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  1. Oh- the pics certainly looked like they had tons of fun!!! Nothing like family get togethers.

    • Oh yes, Connie…we’ve had a blast! It doesn’t matter if we are doing an activity or just hanging around. The being together is the best!

  2. We too live far from family and my children get to see their cousins maybe once a year. However, they always pick up right where they left off each time. I love the photos, Kate!

    • Isn’t that great? My kids do the same…not skipping a beat!

  3. Oh how fun. We are also all spread out, so our get togethers are even less frequent. But SOMEDAY in HEAVEN, we’ll have a grand reunion, won’t we. 🙂

    • True!! My family mostly live near one another but Kevin’s family is all over the place, so these get togethers are so much fun!


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