Contentment of summer morphing into fall

Busy times can open up deep reflection.

I’ve been out of touch for several months this summer. And as we sit on the brink of fall, this post is going to be a smattering of what’s been on my heart these weeks and months.

  • I have been spending time seeking the Lord
  • I’ve had vacation with all the females in my family (sisters, nieces and daughters)
  • I’ve been working on home remodeling projects
  • I’ve had company
  • I’ve been walking through financial/vehicle trials

It’s been a busy summer, but a fruitful one.

The specific things I’ve been seeking God on have gone unanswered. But I’ve been challenged in my own walk of faith and commitment. I hate love when God stretches me further than I was expecting. You get comfortable and then God ups the game and shows where comfort has turned to stagnant. And no matter how challenging it is, I never want to be stagnant in my faith!

contentment of summer into fall

Summer is leaving on a high note.

As the summer got busier and busier, I knew I needed to spend some extended time with the Lord. While my vacation panned out differently than I planned, I still was able to spend some extended time in prayer and seeking guidance and wisdom. The time of reflection was less about direction for life decisions and more about the focus of my heart.

I had a wonderful time with the girls on my vacation. Getting to spend time with nieces (whom I seldom see) and sisters (who I see slightly more frequently) and daughters (one of whom lives thousands of miles away) was a super fun time. I got to see the ocean (one of the biggest joys of my life), eat like a pig COMPLETELY off plan, swim and hot tub daily. Very relaxing.

The weather was fabulous and the hang time even better.

Then, planning the last 2 years of my homeschooling career has also been good. I’ve been looking at the final things I need to do to prepare my youngest to launch from our home when he graduates.  Even though we currently have most of the children living at home, we anticipate that within these next 2 years everyone will be off on other adventures. Bittersweet, but good to see them living their lives and finding where God is calling them.

Fall will be coming in gently, I think.

Fall is one of my favorite seasons (next to winter). I love the cooler temps and the crunch and bite in the air. I love the final harvest vegetables and fruits, although I don’t do the “putting by” that I used to years ago. I love the colors (though nothing compares to autumn in New England) and the smells.

With no projects in the immediate horizon, I see fall coming in quietly. Maybe a day when I make clam cakes and fry bread (my seasonal cheat) will be coming soon. Granted it is still a few weeks away, but with the night time lows of 40s and the day time highs of 60s forecast, it’s hovering quietly on the coattails of summer.

Prayer has been uppermost in my heart these past 2 weeks.

With the tragedies of Houston, the wildfires in the west and the uncertainty of Irma looming ahead, prayer has been my focus.

  • praying for safety, protection and provision for those in hardship
  • finding friends who are in the thick of things to whom I can send help
  • joining the nation in praying for the families of those who’ve lost so much

Right now, I feel like my mind is a jumble. I have no long term plans so I look to the Lord in trust each day. I would love to have my life laid out for the coming year, but that doesn’t look like it’s gonna happen any time soon.

So I wait in hope and expectation for God to take me down His path, one step at a time.

As we continue in fellowship via the internet, I pray for YOU.

[clickToTweet tweet=”May the Lord’s faithfulness overpower your fears & worries & His love fill you with confidence.” quote=”May the Lord’s faithfulness overpower your fears and worries. May His love fill you with confidence. And may His grace carry you through every hardship in joy and peace.”]

(photo courtesy of Hats Off To You Photography)

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