Conformed vs Transformed

And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, so that you may prove what the will of God is, that which is good and acceptable and perfect. Rom 12:1-2

I love Wall-E! He walked to the beat of a different drummer. But he had one job…to make conformity out of chaos.

What is the difference between being conformed to the world and being transformed?

  • Both of them require change.
  • Both of them require submission.
  • Both of them require someone/thing else as a standard of measure.

When we are conformed to the world, we are allowing the WORLD to change us, to be the standard against which we measure our life and we are submitting to its values as it molds us into the same form as everyone around us.

Conform means to press in from the outside.

Just like Wall-E, who takes whatever is around him, the world seeks to press us all into the same form. Kind of like the Stepford Wives!

Jesus, on the other hand, seeks to TRANSFORM us!

Transform means to change from the inside out!

He takes the seed of who we are and works, just like the butterfly…

conformed vs transformed



He changes us into a completely different creature! We no longer crawl about on the ground. He gives us wings to soar! He changes us into the image of The Son.

Sometimes I get chills just thinking about the work He does in my life!

The problem for us is when we allow the world around us to compress us into its mold. Let’s step back and let the Holy Spirit work in our lives – to transform us by the renewing of our minds! We need to let the Word change what we think and believe and then we will begin to actually ACT as the new creatures we are.

We want to be changed by the Holy Spirit through the WORD, not made ‘moldy’ by the WORLD!

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  1. I love this post, Kate, but I’m laughing because my blog post was almost identical today, even down to the butterfly pictures! Great minds!!! lol

    • Terri, how often have we done this now??? Hilarious! Bopping over to read yours.

  2. I would rather be transformed! Too bad it’s not a pain free process!!!
    Maybe it’s just my computer but I can’t right click on anything on your site. Not even to grab your button or paste my url into the linky form! Weird!

    • Sylvia…you are so right! I think about the struggle the butterfly has in emerging.

      I think a plugin of mine had a wrong setting. You should be able to right click on the site now. Sorry about that but thanks for letting me know!!

  3. great post! We not only need to remember not to be conformed to this WORLD, but also not to be conformed, necessarily to what other Christians think, unless they are truly in line biblically. i have lost count of the number of well-meaning, (i assume, anyway), Christian women, who have told me certain choices of mine, or child-rearing principles, or even teachings were “too hard”. When i challenged them, in love, to show me biblically where i had gone wrong; or where they could support their choices, positions, etc….they could not do so.

  4. What a lovely post! I’ll have to share these photos with my grandkids – not to mention my senior mom who LOVES butterflies! Thank you for a delightful visit.

    • Kaye, butterflies are some of my very favorite creatures! Love to see you stopping by, dear!

  5. Perfect addition to Transformed Tuesdays. Thanks, Kate!

  6. I love this conform/transform comparison and it’s a great opportunity for us to look around our own lives to see the difference.

    As for me, I pray to be changed by the WORD not become moldy by the world–love that!
    thanks for these great words

    • Thanks, Mitzi! I appreciate your words of encouragement. And thanks for stopping by.

  7. Thank you Kate for this post. I wanted to know the difference between conform n transform. Your post came up and it hits the nail on the hat. I copied it and share it on my Facebook page.

    • Thanks.

  8. Your post is very similar to what the Holy Spirit has laid heavily on my heart to share with other Ministers.
    The transformation, beautifully illustrated by your butterfly is the PROCESS every true believer must experience.


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