Are we afraid of our children’s questions?

Question Authority!

This was a mantra in the 1960’s. And there is actually some wisdom in this, but not nearly what the hippie generation thought.

As we raise our children and disciple them to follow the Lord, sometimes we close off the opportunity for them to ask questions. We fear if they share spiritual doubts with us, it means they are falling away from the faith. Sometimes, even churches put up a hard shell of doctrine that repels honest, open questions.

The reality is that if we shut down our children from asking questions of us or of the church, those questions will pop up later in life. Those unanswered questions may result in years of anguish, fear, guilt, and eventually bitterness and resentment leading to turning away from the church. Possibly even the faith.

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  1. Hi, Kate,
    I thought of you and had to stop by! I hope you are well and your whole extended family is growing in the Lord! Have an awesome 2015.
    Blessings 🙂


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