Child suggested blog topics

My children’s blog suggestions make me scratch my head!

I asked my children tonight what I should blog about. The answers will give you some insight into the thought processes of our family, and how absolutely strange we really are.

blog suggestions from my childrenHope you enjoy them!

  1. How photography inspires my life (I don’t take photographs, or rather, I tend to get pictures of a single nostril)
  2. The best way to skin an apple
  3. What life would be like if your life was a musical
  4. How fuzzy socks make life joyful but spiky socks make life kind of sad
  5. The importance of Nativities at Christmas time
  6. Electric cars VS normal cars
  7. Hunting: good or bad
  8. The dangers of redesigning your house when no one is expecting it
  9. Purple hair VS pink hair on your dog
  10. How to raise a child without really trying

Please come and share your posts below. I’m sure they will be more inspiring than the topics above! 😀

All Scripture quotations are taken from the NASB.
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  1. Kate, I am enjoying all of their suggestions! It’s the dangers of redesigning your house one that made me literally laugh out loud! What a blessing to have creative helpers – you’ll never run out of ideas!

    Thank you for hosting the link-up!

    • Lisha, I’m so glad you enjoyed this. The last time I asked my children for blog suggestions I got “Grilled cheese and Pride”… so with my children, you NEVER know!! 😀

  2. Number 10!! I needed that laugh: How to raise a child without even trying. Dear me! What a blessing you are to post this fun list. I can just see you all sitting around brainstorming this together. I think I should ask my boys the same question. I’m dying to hear what their answers might be.

    • Hi Patty, so glad you were amused! Oh you should ask your children, it is always hugely funny!

  3. Hahahaha, love this! I love them all but thinking I’d love to read #4 and #10 right now, lol! Thanks for hosting today.

    • Nan, thanks for coming by… glad you got a chuckle out of it!

  4. This post made me smile this morning. I especially liked the one about how to skin an apple!! When my children were toddlers, they would inspect each piece of apple to be certain not a speck of skin was left behind. Funny to read that suggestion. This is a fun list! Glad to be a part of the linkup. Blessings!

    • Joanne, that is FUNNY!! Thanks for coming by and glad for spurring on that memory for you!

  5. I was disappointed to see that the blog topics weren’t going to be written on — I especially like #9 — purple hair versus pink hair on the dog. This sounds like a tremendously fun family experiment, the process of which would provide fodder for many blogs to come.

    I am number 34, 35, 36
    The Simple Life: Eating Together
    Homeschooling SuperMoms
    Stop Attacking Yourself

    But I really, really like that purple/pink dog post idea. Our dog is cinnamon brown to start with. Hmmm.

    • Carolyn, my children were disappointed that I didn’t post a mini post on each one as well! HAHA!! Should you ever decide to check out those colors on your dog, you’ll HAVE to share pictures!

    • Thanks Judith. Yeah, we keep one another laughing all the time! Glad you enjoyed it. 😀


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