My children’s blog suggestions make me scratch my head!

I asked my children tonight what I should blog about. The answers will give you some insight into the thought processes of our family, and how absolutely strange we really are.

blog suggestions from my childrenHope you enjoy them!

  1. How photography inspires my life (I don’t take photographs, or rather, I tend to get pictures of a single nostril)
  2. The best way to skin an apple
  3. What life would be like if your life was a musical
  4. How fuzzy socks make life joyful but spiky socks make life kind of sad
  5. The importance of Nativities at Christmas time
  6. Electric cars VS normal cars
  7. Hunting: good or bad
  8. The dangers of redesigning your house when no one is expecting it
  9. Purple hair VS pink hair on your dog
  10. How to raise a child without really trying

Please come and share your posts below. I’m sure they will be more inspiring than the topics above! 😀

All Scripture quotations are taken from the NASB.
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