Caring for others

Mercy is NOT my spiritual gift! Anyone who knows me knows I am much more likely to smack someone upside the head with a two by four (metaphorically speaking 😉 ) when they need it than to “oh you poor thing” them. But knowing my failing in this area, I have GREAT respect for those with gifts in the caring-for-others category. My 2nd daughter being one of them.

My girl sees the hurting of others and looks to care for their needs. She doesn’t feed into a wallowing mentality, but she looks to bring encouragement to their hearts. I think the core of encouragement is to instill courage in order to continue on. For the believer it means to come alongside someone and help them move forward in their faith walk with Jesus.

There is also an aspect of comforting in her areas of strength, but more than that is that she SEES the hurting of others. Me, I’m sort of oblivious. And I tend to not remember what’s going on in someone else’s life (goodness, I can’t even remember what’s going on in MY life!) unless I’m discipling/counseling them and keep that as a focus for prayer.

I’ve missed my dear girl and will be glad to have her return home to us on Thursday. Granted it will only be for a summer and then she is off to travel and minister to churches for the next year, but she’ll be home for a bit. Her kindness and gentleness and tender heart have been sorely missed in our household. Now the rest of us aren’t necessarily insensitive boors, but we DEFINITELY lack her supernatural gifting in this area and our lives are enriched by her spirit.

Looking at your own children, how to they enrich your family’s lives?

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  1. What a beautiful young woman inside and out! I’m a lot like you…so I do appreciated tenderness in others.

    Wanted to come by to say hello. When are you done with school?

  2. Hi Jan! Thanks for the hello. We school year round (although our schedule is a bit different) – but we start our summer hours (every other week) this week. How about you guys…are you done yet? Blessings to you, dear!

  3. Beautiful post. My oldest is a dear soul who cares deeply, my middle is the comedian and keeps our family laughing, and my baby is pure spunk wrapped in a cute package. I can’t imagine my life without any of them. I have three very strong girls. It’s hard to parent, but I hope it blesses them in their adult decisions. Not one shy, wallflower in this family!

    Thanks for always sharing. I love your blog!

  4. Tia, thanks for that peek into your children’s personalities. I never cease to marvel at how different our children are and how uniquely they blend together and bless our families! I’m so glad you are being encouraged!!

  5. I have a daughter like this, too. She is constantly sheltering others with her love and kindness. I loved reading this about your daughter. May her vision always be quick to see the needs of those around her. I love the definition: giving them the courage to go on.


    • There is something really special about these children, isn’t there? My daughter JUST walked in the door for the summer! Thanks for stopping by to visit!


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