By Popular Demand – The Worms! (beware of pictures)

What we got in the mail

It’s time for a worm update. (Read the initial post about it here.) I had no idea if I would be coming back and saying, “Oops, they are all dead!” or “They all crawled away” or “The exterminator got them’. But I am happy to say that they are still alive (well, I haven’t counted if it is all 2000 of them), plump and um…doing their thing!

I was hoping that all of the scraps would be composted by now, but not quite. It appears that many of the egg shells were not pulverized before being put into the Worm Pit and have not been consumed.

Before I begin phase 2, I will actually have to pull out the egg shells and any uneaten larger pieces of food. Then I will push all the compost to one side and create a new bed for them. At that point they are supposed to crawl over to the new bed and I can take the compost away and use in the garden.

It is nice to have some homemade compost to mix in with my tomatoes this spring! And the “tea”, the liquid that drops through the holes in the tub to a basin below, is supposed to be MARVELOUS fertilizer.

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  1. I built a large compost bin this year and when I come across worms in the garden, I toss them into the bin. Not as great as what you’re doing but I love having a compost pile!

  2. This may be a weird question (would you expect anything less :) ) but do they stink – the compost or the tea? Seems like it would.

    • Heidi, not a weird question at all. So far, no, they don’t stink at all. Not like the manure smell you get from even bagged fertilizer. It doesn’t smell rotten either. It smells dirt-y though. Even the ‘tea’ doesn’t stink. But again, I’ve had it in the basement where it is cool. I even expected the fruit to smell but it doesn’t.


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