Book Launch coming – a giveaway

Well folks, just one more week until the launch of my new e-book Cut It Out! How I Feed My Family of 10 for $500 a Month Without Coupons!

I’m getting very excited to offer this book. And for the first 5 days, from July 30-Aug 3, it will be available at half price – just $1.99. BUT there you have a chance to win a FREE copy of it right here, in fact, I am offering 5 people the chance to win a FREE copy!

But, in order to give you a taste of what you can expect inside, I’d like to include right here the first page from Chapter 1.


This was advice my dad and brother gave me years ago in teaching me to do some handyman work around the house and it has been good counsel in many areas of life. If you measure wrong and cut something wrong, you have to start again and it ends up costing much more money than if you had measured twice and was accurate in the beginning. This fits perfectly with menu planning and budget shopping.

Some folks plan and fill a pantry and shop from their stockpile. I can see how that would be a great idea, and I am working toward a well-stocked pantry. However, I found that I needed to learn how to cut down on what I actually bought in the first place. For me, the planning (measuring twice) is the key to buying basic foods and keeping the budget down.

I need to add that I have one daughter who is away at college so we currently only have nine of us at home. Of those nine, one is a nine-year-old boy and the rest are teenagers and adults with hearty, youthful appetites. We also have missionaries stay with us on a regular basis for up to a week (generally five to eight of them) at various times throughout the year, so I still plan as if we had ten people all the time. It evens everything out this way.

Now, this is really important. Don’t think that you have to do this all at once and all in one week! It has taken me many years to get to the place where it is second nature to me. The first time I even heard of a Price Book I freaked out! Take this in stages, work on one aspect of it one week, and then the next week go out and do the legwork. Sometimes we forget that we “eat the elephant one bite at a time”! We try and shove the entire 4,000 pounds into our mouths and wonder why we are choking. And always remember to breathe!

  • Create a Master Meal List

My first suggestion is to write out all of the meals you actually eat. Most of us have a list of 20 or more meals that are the staples of our family’s eating. It is uncommon for families to have several different recipes they are trying on a weekly basis. When we don’t know what to make, we fall back to our family favorites. Start by writing those down for breakfast, lunch and supper. This will give you what I call a Master Meal List. You may add to this as you try and like new recipes, but start with the ones you are
familiar with first. When I initially started this, I needed my family’s help; there were so many meals that I had forgotten I make regularly. Get their memory juices flowing and use their help!

So, let the Entries begin!!
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  1. I already like your comment in chap. 1 to “write out all the meals you actually eat.”

    Sometimes I try to do a menu by looking through recipe books and end up with all new things on it, and my good intentions are quickly dropped for the familiar – eating out. ;D

  2. I think menu planning would probably help me save money for my family. But I have created some of our favorite meals by not having an exact plan and just buying what is on sale. But I would like to be sure that I don’t run out or can make enough food for 10 people so my teens can eat more as they sometimes leave the table hungry and not satisfied.

  3. I already coupon, but I don’t really feel like I’m saving all I could. I look forward to reading your book for a different perspective. :-)

  4. I know this book will help our family – can’t wait to read more! I menu-plan occasionally but I know I need to do it more consistently.

  5. Hi! Looking forward to this book so much. I have always felt I did better shopping sales and managers specials than with coupons.. Can’t wait to read this! :-)

  6. Always excited to glean more wisdom & tips from other people on budget-friendly, cost cutting, meal making! Recommended by my friend, Heidi. :)

  7. hi I agree your wisdom in meal planning before shopping and cutting coupons. this is especially important when trying to budget on a very fixed inconsisistent income of a substitute with no income in the summer months and a family of 5 with three pets .

  8. Sounds great, Kate! I can’t wait for all the helpful tips!

  9. It’s almost here – your launch day!! Getting very excited for you!

  10. This sounds like a book I could use! I refuse to coupon as I feel like it takes too much time and the coupons are for things I don’t use or my family doesn’t eat. In just your small excerpt I see some things that I identify with. When making my grocery list I write down the meals we will eat and then make my list from that. It helps to remember all ingredients and to avoid unnecessary items purchased.

  11. It looks like this method would work for those of us who refuse to buy the cheapest and, often, most processed foods, which is not something you can say about couponing. I’m looking forward to reading this and applying it to my whole foods and organic ways. :)

  12. Always looking for a way to be healthy and save money!

  13. I can’t wait to read the e-book, Kate! I don’t mind using the coupons my grocery store sends me for the things I actually buy. But, I am not going to buy something just because I happen to have a coupon for it. When I’ve tried to “coupon” in the past, this is what ends up happening!

  14. There are only 8 of us but it would be amazing to get the grocery bill down to $500…I’m curious!

  15. Any way to cut down the food budget – more planning, less waste, better, healthier meals – is a great thing!

  16. I know I could save more than I do. I just need to use all of the leftovers. I have only myself and my husband to cook for. However, you’d think I had an army. Most of my recipes work for 4 – 8 … the number I could count on while the kids were eating at home. Now that they are married, with families on their own, I truly need to figure out a way to stop cooking for them. Not that they get to eat it too often. Some recipes I have managed to cut in half, so we eat them once, and have leftovers. Others, not so much. Some freeze well, some don’t.

  17. Can’t wait to read it!

  18. I need this!!! Can’t wait to read your book. :)

  19. I’m intrigued! My husband and I spend around $60/week for groceries (for just the 2 of us). We do not coupon because nearly everything we purchase is fresh or sold in bulk and there simply are no coupons available. Perhaps a way we could reduce our grocery budget would be to make larger meals that can be eaten the next day as leftovers once or twice a week. Time will tell!

  20. Wow! I think divine powers sent me here, lol! I just posted on my facebook page how I struggled for over 2 days to make a grocery shopping list to feed 2 adults (my hubby & I, and our pets) for only 1 week. I wrote down my menu for the week, based on my local store’s sales ad and coupons that I had on hand. I still ended up spending $95! My goal is only $60/week and still eat healthy. If I can save money on groceries or anything I feel like I hit the lottery!

  21. I have a small family, just me and my 2 kids. I used to be very disciplined about making a grocery list and sticking to it. Lately I have been slacking and I just buy what looks good (I’m the worst at the farmer’s market because EVERYTHING looks good) I need to get back on track with planning meals and shopping with a list (even at the farmer’s market).

  22. Our family of five spends about that on groceries/month, and we’re always looking for ways to cut it down! Your book looks great!

  23. Couponing and checking the sale ads.

  24. Couponing is becoming more
    Difficult – would love some more ideas !

  25. the first thing I do is sit down with a meal plan, then I sit down and coupon with as much I can . I do go buy things on sale. I do have a stockpile, I do canning a lot of item and put in our pantry, I do go to the Farmer’s Market,I freezer cook, I cut as much corner’s as I can. I make my breads & foods from scratch,each year we have a garden but this year we didn’t as they did cut our water source and double our bill and cut our water to half of what we use to get so we didn’t have one this year. I’m hoping maybe next year.The water company is trying to work out details so we will see. I would luv to win a copy of your book to help with my knowledge.

  26. I always feel that we have to have so much VARIETY! But when I look back over our monthly meal lists, we do have our certain go-to meals. And I can strive to make these go-to’s more budget friendly. The book looks great; I am not a disciplined coupon clipper! :)

  27. Would love to hear what you say about not using coupons. I love to get deals, but don’t have time for all the searching, clipping and running to multiple stores and waiting to ring up items over and over to get the deals!

  28. I think I save much more money when I take the time to really plan for the week…and if I shop WITHOUT my kids!

  29. I like the idea of writing down the meals you eat. Planning really does save money and since we are on a fixed income, we need this book. Thanks for offering this giveaway.

  30. So excited for your book launch! I will be sharing this with many at our church. Half of our church consists of seminary families who would benefit greatly from your book.

  31. Sounds like your book helpful ideas!

  32. Sounds like your book has helpful ideas!

  33. Thank you for this offer! I heard about it on Hearts in Service, and hopped right over :) I have a son who is newly diagnosed with quite a few food allergies, and my food budget has gone over the roof, so I really need a plan to figure out how to shop again! – Robin

  34. Everytime that I have heard of a price book in the past – it has overwhelmed me. But hearing your explaination about first gathering the recipes that you use – and then using them to gather the prices makes it a much more doable task. Thanks so much for sharing this. :O)

  35. I think I need to do a better job making a meal plan in order to save money on groceries for our family of ten.

  36. This sounds great! I would love to win a free copy of this book.

  37. I would definitely save more money if I shopped ALONE! Hubby and children pick up things we dont need!

  38. As a family of 9, I’m always on the look out for ways to save money on groceries.

  39. Kate, congrats on your book launch! Your tips sound fascinating and useful for everyone.

  40. Kate! This is just fabulous… Congratulations on the launch of your ebook. I know it’s going to be great. The cover design looks gorgeous and the tips inside will be well worth the price. Wishing you every success!

  41. I think I can save more money by buying less junk!

  42. I have tried to use a calendar to meal plan but I always fall off the wagon after awhile. Looking for some new ideas.

  43. SO cool to save money on groceries – to use the savings to help your family…. :D

  44. I have a family of 5 and my monthly budgeted amount is almost the same as yours! How DO you do it?! Whatever I can learn will be of great help, I am sure. Thank you for this offer.


  45. I save a lot
    Now by matching sales with my dinner plans. But how in the world did you do this without coupons?

  46. There are probably a THOUSAND ways I could be saving money on groceries! This is an area of my life where I just have not had time or energy to invest into yet. Couponing always sounds so complicated and involved that I have been truly nervous to even try! My husband and I have tried meal planning in the past, but I need a way to make it stick!! This book sounds right up my alley and I can’t wait to read it!

  47. This sounds WONDERFUL! I always have aspirations of starting to coupon, and have piles of coupons sitting in my office, but I never seem to be able to fit it in! We have just two children, but our grocery bills seem to get higher and higher (in part because I love to prepare lots of fresh food/veggies) but would LOVE to know how to do it for less while staying healthy! What a great book!

  48. Trying to feed a family of 5 is Hard. Any help would be great!

  49. I’ll be getting your book. It sounds amazing! Thank you for sharing and thanks for linking up at Leaving a Legacy.


    • Shari, thanks so much. I’m a bit late on my link-ups for this week — but I’m hoping to be back to yours next week!