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Well folks, just one more week until the launch of my new e-book Cut It Out! How I Feed My Family of 10 for $500 a Month Without Coupons!

I’m getting very excited to offer this book. And for the first 5 days, from July 30-Aug 3, it will be available at half price – just $1.99. BUT there you have a chance to win a FREE copy of it right here, in fact, I am offering 5 people the chance to win a FREE copy!

But, in order to give you a taste of what you can expect inside, I’d like to include right here the first page from Chapter 1.


This was advice my dad and brother gave me years ago in teaching me to do some handyman work around the house and it has been good counsel in many areas of life. If you measure wrong and cut something wrong, you have to start again and it ends up costing much more money than if you had measured twice and was accurate in the beginning. This fits perfectly with menu planning and budget shopping.

Some folks plan and fill a pantry and shop from their stockpile. I can see how that would be a great idea, and I am working toward a well-stocked pantry. However, I found that I needed to learn how to cut down on what I actually bought in the first place. For me, the planning (measuring twice) is the key to buying basic foods and keeping the budget down.

I need to add that I have one daughter who is away at college so we currently only have nine of us at home. Of those nine, one is a nine-year-old boy and the rest are teenagers and adults with hearty, youthful appetites. We also have missionaries stay with us on a regular basis for up to a week (generally five to eight of them) at various times throughout the year, so I still plan as if we had ten people all the time. It evens everything out this way.

Now, this is really important. Don’t think that you have to do this all at once and all in one week! It has taken me many years to get to the place where it is second nature to me. The first time I even heard of a Price Book I freaked out! Take this in stages, work on one aspect of it one week, and then the next week go out and do the legwork. Sometimes we forget that we β€œeat the elephant one bite at a time”! We try and shove the entire 4,000 pounds into our mouths and wonder why we are choking. And always remember to breathe!

  • Create a Master Meal List

My first suggestion is to write out all of the meals you actually eat. Most of us have a list of 20 or more meals that are the staples of our family’s eating. It is uncommon for families to have several different recipes they are trying on a weekly basis. When we don’t know what to make, we fall back to our family favorites. Start by writing those down for breakfast, lunch and supper. This will give you what I call a Master Meal List. You may add to this as you try and like new recipes, but start with the ones you are
familiar with first. When I initially started this, I needed my family’s help; there were so many meals that I had forgotten I make regularly. Get their memory juices flowing and use their help!

So, let the Entries begin!!
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