Behind on life…

HaveΒ  you ever had the feeling that you are behind on life?

  • the laundry is piling up
  • the kitchen is in disarray
  • the bedrooms are desperately needing decluttering and spring overhaul
  • winter boots and spring mud fill the entryways
  • school is in Just the Basics mode

Well, this is where I have been living these past 2 weeks that I’ve been working on painting and reflooring the kitchen (WHAT was I thinking?) PLUS the exterminator comes on Wednesday. So what did I do with my day yesterday?

Some days you just need a spa day!

I went to the Spa with a girlfriend!

Yep, you read that right – no April Fool’s joke here! I took the entire morning, and part of the afternoon, off and went to the spa with a friend. My darling daughters gave me 2 lovely gift certificates for a spa time. I have a friend who has had a trying winter so I took her with me and we shared a lovely morning of pampering. There are just some days when you say, “Who Cares?”

In the eternal scheme of things, will it matter that these 2 weeks were out of control at home? Nah. But it was a lovely day away for me and today is another day to declutter and clean. We’ll take the day off from school entirely and everyone will be responsible for spring cleaning their bedrooms and we’ll do a White Tornado cleaning in the downstairs (which is pretty pulled together underneath, but untidy on the top). Then the exterminator can come and we’ll be ready for the mud to dry up outside and spring to really begin!

How is your life looking these days? Are you needing a spa day with a friend to get refreshed, or maybe an extended time with Lord for some spiritual pampering?

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  1. I’ve been behind on life for 8 years (since my oldest daughter was born)! Thanks for the encouragement πŸ™‚ Maybe my girlies and I will have a “spa day” of our own soon…

    • Oh Lisha, I hear you!!! I hope you had a lovely spa day with your girls! Thanks for jumping in on the link-up!

  2. Ooooooh, it sounds lovely! Sometimes you just need to take a break. Even if it’s only for a few minutes. But it’s nice when it’s longer! I have only been to a spa once in my life and it was awesome! I do get pedicures a few times a year (usually only during the summer, lol!) and consider that time to be a fun time to go with my friends and get pampered. Thanks for hosting!

    • Oh yes, Nan, it was lovely!! My first real (as in non-theraputic) massage and it was sooooo relaxing! I was groggy all day long! HAHA!! Always great to see you, here or at your blog.

  3. I laughed as I read this as I was reminded of a gift certificate for a mani/pedi sitting in my drawer. Thank you for the reminder to take a break, soak my hands & feet a bit, and rest in Him πŸ™‚ Blessings on your Tues.!

    • Oh Joanne, don’t forget that gift certificate! πŸ˜€ And hope you got some good refreshment in the arms of the Lord!! Thanks for coming by.

  4. Oh Kate, I’d say, it’s about time you had a little pampering :)! I hope you and your friend enjoyed your day out. Me? It’s sizzlin’ summer over here. I have plans for the hubby and kids for a trip to the beach, etc. But as usual, I’ll be staying behind with my writing and reading (still unable to travel πŸ™‚ ).

    • RINA!!! Always a joy to see you, dear friend. Still praying for your physical strength but rejoicing in the spiritual strength you share with us all! Hugs, sweetie!

  5. Good for you! So glad you got to unwind and leave it all behind!! LOL! One thing about it, it is always there waiting for you when you get back. πŸ™‚ But, how sweet of our dear Lord to provide a reprieve for us now and then. He is so faithful and is always on time. Love to you, sweet friend.

    • Oh Cheryl, it WAS a delight – to close off sounds and responsibilities and let someone just help my body and mind relax. And, as you say, back to what always awaits! The joy of serving my family. And today is my sweet daughter Bethany’s birthday, so I’m preparing the celebration! Thanks for coming by…as always, it is a delight!

  6. Kate, I just laughed and laughed when I read ‘so what did I do with my day?’ and scrolled down past the picture and saw that you took a spa day!!! I think I was also laughing because I can so relate, especially during about 5 years of homeschooling that were especially stressful…I could have used a spa day!! I know that the Lord is so merciful to me because He has given me some especially special days and months where although there are things that have brought sadness into my life, my days are stress-free now and THAT is such a blessing from the Lord.

    Behind on life?? Yep!! I so totally missed this linkup party and just in case you’ve noticed, I am playing catch-up on unread posts in my inbox πŸ™‚ inbetween my blogging tasks today.

    When I lived in Hawaii {sigh} there was a saying, “The faster I go, the more behinder I get!!”


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