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I am going to be doing a 6 part series on things to think about before the wedding day, before you say, “I Do.”

Before you say I Do

Coming to an understanding of what God’s view of romantic relationships is supposed to look like is the first step in coming to personal convictions about how they will be worked out in our own lives.  These convictions should not come from what we’ve seen, experienced, read about or fantasized about. God’s Word must be our rule and guide to all areas of our lives, even romance. And they must be explored long before we say, “I Do” at the altar.

Read all 6 parts:

  • Equally yoked?

    So many times I see believers dating unbelievers and it breaks my heart. They are clueless about all the issues that are lying in wait to trip them up if they allow this relationship to continue. They are not acting from a basis of faith but of feelings…

  • What does purity in a relationship mean?

    There is a great deal of discussion today about purity.  Many churches have purity pledges, some of you may have taken them in your youth groups as teens or your teenagers now may be being asked to take them.  The idea of pledging yourself to purity is a good thing but I am afraid . . .

  • What To Look For In A Husband

    One thing is sure, the time to make your list of what is vitally important to you in a husband is BEFORE you get married or even start dating.  You need to know if he is controlling or abusive or self-focused and the best way to find this out is to get to know . . .

  • But I Want To Be Married Nooooow!!

    Sometimes learning to rest in God’s timing, especially when we are young and single (well, it is true at any age or circumstance) can be a very trying thing.  So much in our culture focuses women on having a boyfriend and, eventually, a husband. The pressure from our friends, our families, our classmates, movies, . . .

  • Are You STILL Single?

    Sometimes our family (particularly if they are unbelievers and not on the same page with your views) or friends think they are doing you a favor by setting you up with blind dates.  Afterall, who DOESN’T want to be married, right?  And you may not be getting any younger!The first thing you need . . .

  • Longer or shorter engagements?

    Well, many people have very different ideas on this and usually based on how long it will take them to plan the wedding of their dreams.  Most dream weddings take about 18 months to plan.  Getting the right reception hall, the caterer you want, the photographer, picking the dress and the bridesmaid’s dresses…all of . . .

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