The beautiful gift of waiting on God


Digital photos
High speed internet
4G Networks

What do all of these things have in common? They are pretty much instantaneous. No more waiting days or weeks to develop photos (to find out if they were blurry or all black). No dial-up and being able to get a Master’s Degree while waiting for a web page to load. No sending letters through the mail. No party line phone calls when you had to figure out which “ring” was for your family and which was for the neighbor down the street. No thinking thoughts that never were heard by anyone else.

We live in an instant, no wait world. And we’ve grown deeply inpatient!

Yet you do not know what your life will be like tomorrow.
You are just a vapor that appears for a little while and then vanishes away. Jas 4:14

God, however, lives outside of time. He is from Eternity Past to Eternity Future, where past and future have no meaning. Scripture says our lives are but a drop in a bucket compared to eternity. Eternity is really something that is beyond our scope of understanding – mine anyway! Because time is not a constraint for God, He is patient and is never in a hurry for things to happen quickly in our lives. He is willing for time to be a part of the growth for us. This removes the instantaneous aspect of the life we are accustomed to and restores the dimension of time – and waiting.

Time isn’t a friend to smooth supple skin, but it IS a friend to many things.

There are certain things that get better with time.

  • wine while it matures
  • the value of a masterpiece of art
  • cast iron cookware
  • antiques
  • cheese

But most of all, the work of God in our lives gets better with time!

The transformation of our lives into the image of The Son is a long and slow process.

It is finding and removing deceptive thinking.
It is replacing lies with the Truth that sets us free.
It is a process that goes on our whole lives long and finishes in the blink of an eye when we step into Glory!
It is part of our salvation.
It’s called sanctification.

God uses our hopes, dreams, failures and successes to help teach and train us. He longs for all of our hearts and minds to be surrendered fully to His will, knowing this will bring us lasting peace and joy. But this training does not happen overnight. It is a process of tearing down and rebuilding.

Just as building muscle mass is a process of tearing the muscle and building new tissue, so too our spiritual muscle (or transformation process) requires change that takes time. We are tearing down strongholds and deceptions, tearing down our own desire to rule our lives and letting the Spirit of God build us up into a clearer, more pure image of Jesus.


God’s gift to us is His patience!

The Lord is not slow about His promise, as some count slowness,
but is patient toward you… 2 Pet 3:9

He waits for us to be ready.

So many times I’ve thought, “Oh Father, can’t you just change things completely in my heart today?” Well, He could, but I would probably disintegrate! It’s not God that is slow… it’s ME! I’m not ready for that kind of immediate change. I keep holding on to things and God won’t rip them out of my grasp. He is waiting for me to open my hands to Him. His very waiting is a beautiful gift He gives to us!

In all of this waiting we find our dreams. We want things when we want them. We want that instant satisfaction of having our hopes and plans. But God, in His wisdom, sees the broader picture, and knows that many of our dreams are best delayed or altered. Most of the time we just aren’t ready for them – not now, anyway. We need to change in order for them to be a real blessing for our lives. Otherwise, the possibility is great that those dreams would become an idol in our lives; supplanting our love and need for God.

He sometimes allows those dreams to die, often to resurrect them again. But like our resurrection into newness of Life, the dreams have been changed. They are more pure, more Christ-like, more eternal in scope. As the dreams change with resurrection, so do we – again.

Our very lives are a pattern of change and molding and regeneration. And this takes time.  The beautiful gift of time God gives to us.

How have YOU seen God’s waiting as a beautiful gift in YOUR life? How can I pray for you today to see God’s timing with spiritual eyes and a heart of joy and thanksgiving?

All Scripture quotations are taken from the NASB.
Unless otherwise indicated, photos from

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  1. “Our very lives are a pattern of change and molding and regeneration. And this takes time. The beautiful gift of time God gives to us”.
    WHAT an awesome way to start an early morning here in my neck of the woods! Time is def a gift…so is waiting. And the time spent waiting is a most precious gift indeed! For 3 years I fretted while I waited…wondering WHAT will God have me do “next” as I knew the empty nest would be here all to soon. I anticipated and hoped in many ways that this time was going to be GOOD, but I also fretted….what if I somehow MISSED God’s intention for me??? I mean, I had missed His direction at other times….or misinterpreted because of my INSTANT gratification bend.
    Like you wrote: BUT GOD…
    But God always had things under control and His timing, as always, was impeccable to lead me to a new job I love {after being a SAHM for over 20 years}!
    So thanks for the reminder that waiting on God is never a fruitless endeavor :).

    • Thanks for sharing, dear friend!! I’m always so comforted in knowing that God has all things in His hands – and it gives me confidence to wait on Him. So glad you stopped by, my dear!

  2. Oh, I NEEDED this today! It is so hard to wait upon the Lord, because waiting feels like wasted time. I feel like nothing is being accomplished, while in the waiting process. So often, I want to just “do” something to speed things along, but I know, in my heart, that God’s plan is perfect, and for me to reach in and try to “help” Him along will only mar the beauty of that perfection. I LOVED what you said about how our dreams seem to die, then are reborn, only this time, they are more Christ-like and less self-centered. I can see that transformation in my dreams, as I look back over my life and how long I have waited for them to become reality. When this happens, and a dream actually comes true, it suddenly seems not so “all-important” anymore, and I am more focused on Jesus and Him getting the glory, etc. Your words of wisdom were just what I needed today. So very thankful for this post. God bless you, sweet friend. 🙂

    • Thanks, Cheryl! I’m so glad to hear that God used these words to encourage you. Be blessed and strong in His timing this week, my dear!

  3. I needed this: Yet you do not know what your life will be like tomorrow. You are just a vapor that appears for a little while and then vanishes away. Jas 4:14. Truly the suddenness of sorrow and affliction slam into the lives of those I love — and what is the blessed hope is that in a little while we will see Christ, and know in full what we can only know in part this day. My prayer is that no one misses the help and hope God extends in uncertain — SLOW-moving days when deliverance seems so far –because of my impatience, doubt, fear, and hard-headedness.

    • Honey, I echo your prayer FOR SURE!! Thanks for stopping by and sharing, dear Barbara!

  4. So encouraging (as usual), Kate! And what a great perspective of thankfulness! Waiting for a home for the past six months has NOT been easy. And the wait continues, but I have seen God working in me, and I am so VERY grateful for that!! “I had fainted unless I had believed to see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living.” Praise God that we CAN trust His goodness!!

    Live you!

    • Oh Carrie, thanks so much for sharing – and I continue to pray for the Lord’s abundant provision and protection for you, sweet friend!!

  5. *Love you!

  6. Kate, I cannot even begin to express how much this post has blessed me! I am literally holding back tears of discouragement as I wait on God for answers to the circumstances we are facing. This is me: “I keep holding on to things and God won’t rip them out of my grasp.”

    This is what I needed to hear: “He is waiting for me to open my hands to Him. His very waiting is a beautiful gift He gives to us!”

    Thank you for this post and for your prayers. May He continue to fill your cup to overflowing!

    • Oh Heather, I’m so glad that the Lord blessed and encouraged you through these words! May His joy be overflowing in your life today, sweet sister!


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